If securing the top pages of a respective search engine is your goal, delivering good content built on effective SEO strategies is the obvious way to go. No one wants their hard-earned content to be left behind and ignored on the end pages of Google or Bing. But with the consequently growing digital market, keeping up with the changing SEO policies is not easy. There are things to consider and keywords to remember while delivering exceptional and eye-catching content to keep the audience engaged.

The Secret World of SEO for Website Content

That is why knowing your strategies and analyzing results is imperative to improve your SEO-based content. With that said, consider the following tips and commonly used trends to incorporate into your website content

8 Tips to help your SEO based website content

8 Tips to help your SEO based website content

In the wise words of Lily Ray, SEO Director at Path Interactive:

“A great SEO strategy should start by putting yourself in the user’s shoes and asking yourself if the content is truly valuable, the brand is trustworthy, and the website is easy to use (especially on mobile).”

The above statement lays down the foundation of SEO- based content. It highlights the importance of brand integrity, ensuring your content covers accurate and valuable information, your brand is trustworthy, and that the website itself is convenient to use. Of course, understanding your audience and producing personalized content is a must for every content creator.

With the basics stated, professionals recommend a few tactics to help you take your website content to the next level and meet the SEO strategies.

 All under one domain.

 All under one domain.
Image source: AIOSEO

While reading various articles, you might have noticed that wherever the article mentions a stat or research, they hyperlink it to their very own website. This way, you read their articles, learn their analyses and acknowledge their given stats.

A majority might have understood, for those who haven’t let me make this easier for you. By bringing all the content bricks under their domain, these sites manage the digital traffic to revolve around their page. This tactic allows the website to get the credit it deserves, brings more traffic, and allows storing one’s original content under their respective domain name.

Whenever you get the chance to post alternate forms of content like videos and infographics, make sure to hyperlink them to your website.

Write SEO-effective headings.

Write SEO-effective headings.

 Anyone with a basic understanding of SEO knows that title and meta descriptions are the only form of text visible to the audience in the search results. With such less quantity of words available, you have to give your all to make them as appealing as possible. 

You can search online for intriguing and well-written headlines to give you some ideas and then fashion your own to stay relevant to your text. Tailor them to be clear and eye-catching, something that would grab readers’ attention and engage to keep reading. Also, make sure the most important stuff is present there, like if they are looking for ideas for, say, an individual wants to add some unique jokes to their Christmas card. They type in a search for ‘unique jokes,’ and in comes a vast list of suggested websites. Among those, the ones showcasing the keyword ‘unique’ and displaying a part of their best joke are most likely to be opened.

Remember to type in headlines that are clear and packed with rich keywords followed by appealing meta descriptions to illustrate your topic further.

Giving your article structure

Whether you agree on it or not but presentation matters. Your well-written, well researched, and beautifully written articles, when compared to simple already known-factual but well-organized ones, won’t stand out as much and look like an exhausting read for many. It will bring all your work to literal waste. You see people like organized and well-passaged texts and find them more comfortable to read.

Well-organized posts are the key to search engine optimization. It is also essential to use proper tag commands when tagging the headlines like H1 for titles, H2 for subtitles, etc., to maintain a well-structured article.

Earning featured snippets

Earning featured snippets

These are short lines of texts that appear at the very top of Google’s search results to answer a question quickly. These are pieces of articles belonging to particular websites, pulled into Google’s Index. Different content types, including passages, lists, videos, etc., can be featured as these search snippets.

As already mentioned above, coming to their benefits, being on the top of the search results, these have the advantage of clicks over many other articles.

According to research done by Ahrefs in 2020, 12.3% of total queries return satisfied with featured snippets. It gives you plenty of possibilities to secure your position there, all with the use of appropriate keywords. And if you successfully land a featured snippet, this means your website is already ahead of many. That doesn’t mean that all the digital traffic for that query would suddenly get directed to your page. Many searchers won’t click even when the snippet answers their question but will still appeal to many and compel them to connect to find an easy way out. Nonetheless, this visible transparency can alone earn for your business.

Find out whether Google reaches your key pages or not.

Find out whether Google reaches your key pages or not.

So you followed every strategy, used every SEO-related algorithm, organized every page but still, somehow, no-one is visiting it. If this sounds familiar to you, then honestly, don’t be disheartened. Maybe Google itself hasn’t discovered your page yet.

The Google search console specifies if Google has reached your key pages and other technical data. So if Google isn’t showing your web page, you should re-examine your internal link strategy. Also, look for ways to link those undiscovered pages or sections from popular web pages.

Guard your position

Once your page receives SEO’s honors and starts earning a high number of clicks and ranks, it is upon you to guard that fame. Either to keep stuff as it is or to make some changes with time as the gadgets that we are using nowadays are developing way too fast so your page might get old and wouldn’t keep up with the latest technologies and might result in a page bug or worse it can stop responding.

 So it is better to keep on reviewing your pages and update them here and there to keep up with the subsequent period, so the content doesn’t get old. Also, try to make the title as attractive as people usually judge the book by its cover no matter how many times the phrase forbids it.

So guard your pages, track their performance, and don’t get obsessed with the subsequent fame, for acting on it can potentially ruin your game. The best way to protect your rankings is by keeping things constant. Those high-ranked pages are like gold. Making any change will be like forming impurities. And no one likes impure gold. Please don’t alter anything on that page unless you are editing in a few words or deleting them (for purposes other than SEO). But It’s still better to avoid changing the page content header and leave the SEO page title as it is. And, of course, never delete that page. Even when you take the risk of altering some SEO elements, analyze the changes that affect your ranks.

Produce new SEO centered content

Stay active and avid in producing new stuff. Whether it’s about one page or covers an entire topic, keep building. Constant production does not mean you compromise on quality and start shit posting. While being consistent with fresh content is essential, letting go of quality is a total deal-breaker for websites. It’s like launching your iconic clothing line, earning the appreciation of customers, and then all of a sudden selling thrift clothes under your name just for the sake of being consistent. So quality over quantity always. Keeping that aside, creating new content presents you with fresh opportunities and chances to set things straight and experimenting with new things to learn more.

When creating this new page, bringing SEO in the picture put considerable thought into page titles, page content headers, subheads, image file names, etc. Favor long-tail keyword phrases, which usually have three or more words to earn the opportunity to connect with searcher intent.

By being considerate of these small and seemingly negligible things, you will be increasing your probability of attaining content marketing goals like website traffic, branding, leads, and even sales.

Focus on page load speed and ensure it to be mobile-friendly

Focus on page load speed and ensure it to be mobile-friendly

Living in the age where people find microwave minutes long and get impatient when their internet speed gets slow, you can’t expect many to stay on a page that takes a long time to load. Your page load speed could become an obstacle on your path to success, and even though it’s a meager one, why stand to take risks when there are enough ways to overcome them?

It’s a technical issue that you should address. You can use tools like GTmetrix or Google’s PageSpeed Insights to test your speed. Likewise, when creating a webpage, make sure that it is mobile-friendly.Jeff Riddall, VP Product and Customer Success, Mintent, says, “Ensuring your website performs well from a mobile perspective should also continue to be a focal point as this is where the majority of searches are being conducted.”

Focus on page load speed and ensure it to be mobile-friendly 2

In Conclusion

Though producing SEO-centered content and keeping up with the various trends and policy changes requires a lot of effort and time, as with everything, the result is all worth it. There is no achievement more significant for a website/content creator than securing the safe and transparent positions on SEO and having all his hard work read and recognized. This sweet feeling makes the entire work process seem rewarding in retrospect. I sincerely hope that the above article and facts help your web content reach more audiences and reward your hard work.