Previous we put emphasis on DEMO ACCOUNT & RISK MANAGEMENT. In this article; you will learn the importance of focusing on 1-2 trading pairs.

New traders enter the market with aggressive approach. They are always hunting for a trade. In order to enter in a position they scan multiple trading pairs. Their watch list is full of different trading pairs from different financial markets. This approach is going to kill a trader discipline & will keep them away from focus. Following are the reasons why you only have to focus on 1-2 trading pairs:

  • By following 1 pair i.e. #XAUUSD. You become focused on what’s going on the chart.
  • You do not miss any trade because of clear focus.
  • You easily manage the risk.
  • You master the chart and increase winning percentage.
  • You anticipate the movement in a more efficient manner.

Don’t be a person who is “Jack of all trades & Master of none”. Whether you trade Crypto, forex, Stocks, Indices or commodities. Focus on 1-2 pairs & master them for consistent results.