Have you ever considered LinkedIn for LinkedIn content marketing? If not, are you aware that Most CEOs use LinkedIn more than any other public social network? Studies suggest that about 41% of millionaires are on LinkedIn and use it for their work line, making it the most effective social media platform among senior-level business professionals.

LinkedIn for Content Marketing: All the major things you should know.

This popularity is due to LinkedIn being a simple app designed to share quick status updates, stimulate user engagement through comments, likes, and shares, and run targeted advertisements. It’s been an app that continuously stood out to others by its utilization as a ‘content distributor,’ like 97% of marketers out there.

So if you are not an avid user of the said App, studies suggest you become one! And if you are still not convinced, please do carry on reading as we explain its importance and guide you to operate it.

What Is LinkedIn? Why use it for content marketing?

LinkedIn is a social networking site like Facebook and Snapchat, except that it is more professional and used by people who want to approach other professionals. The platform is used to make business connections, hunt for jobs, and engage with others in their respective fields. As of 2020, it has more than 660 million users in more than 200 countries, making it one of the fastest-growing and most content-focused social media platforms with more than 9 billion content impressions every week.

Also, in 2017 it was revealed that about 91% of marketers trusted LinkedIn for qualitative, professional, and relevant content. This colossal figure implies that LinkedIn proudly garners a broad reach for professional content. In addition to this, it is also a reasonably easy App to use. You can look for members by merely searching their job titles and connect with a professional audience.

What Is LinkedIn? Why use it for content marketing?
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This App has proven to help reach out to real influencers or those directly responsible for purchasing decisions at their companies. About 55% of these decision-makers use LinkedIn content to analyze and examine organizations they’re considering working with.

Hence, the content posted on LinkedIn becomes a card people analyze before deciding on working with you or buying a particular brand. This effect creates a level of trust and authority in users’ eyes for your content and obviously for the platform displaying it. It allows you to be seen as a thought leader, someone whose words hold power to inspire and influence others.

I am sure you might have understood the immense importance this platform holds for professionals of all fields.

 Using it for content marketing

 Using it for content marketing
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You can post your high-quality industry content, and other professionals can comment and share or even add endorsements to you for specific skills. Because LinkedIn has so many users across so many various industries, the platform is a great place to turn when you’re looking to find references or content ideas for your site.

With that said, here are some tips to remember while digital marketing on LinkedIn

Publishing Long-Form of Content

Publishing long-form content allows you to reach a targeted audience, get more exposure for your content, and increase your audience. According to research from BuzzSumo and Backlinko, “Long-form content is also more likely to be shared.”

The chances are that the people on your LinkedIn Connections list have the same interests as you do, which grants you the opportunity to create and share the content that they love. You can also use this content to then engage with your target audience and make connections.

 Your connections will even get notifications every time you publish some content to have better chances of being read. This will allow your content to be visible to more people who may wish to connect or follow your work.

Insert practically helpful headlines.

According to The New York Times, practically useful posts are shared the most by users. Keeping in mind that ‘practical useful’ does not mean you start posting wise quotes and mom advice on matters but a helpful yet straightforward line that a reader can quickly implement upon is the way to success. Like for example, consider this article. You’re only reading it for one reason: to learn and understand more about LinkedIn content marketing, and you got the impression of it being relevant to you by the title.

The point is to formulate step-by-step tips or strategies to deliver a wholesome result- audience engagement.

Luckily for you, here are a few examples. BuzzSumo has shortlisted after evaluating 10 thousand popular expressions.

  1. How to
  2. The future of
  3. You need to
  4. Why you should
  5. Can learn from

Status Updates.

Status updates are usually underestimated by the members, even though they are a great way to present yourself to your audience.

Status is like a short version of the content you can use to share things like a new project you are working on or hot industry trends. It’s a means to stay connected with your audience and let them know of your company’s updates.

You can make your status enjoyable by posting links to relevant articles or videos you found intriguing, with a caption ‘Hey guys, check this out!’ or ‘If you enjoyed xx, you would love this..!. Staying connected and sharing common interests will delight your followers, earning you points for relativity.

You can also promote exciting events you may have visited, share intriguing documents and mention other companies so that they can easily find you.

Posting video content

People usually love video content as it gives more visibility. Rather than reading the information, they get to hear it, bonus points if they interpret it in a fun manner. Hence video content strikes a higher chance at being successful, and luckily LinkedIn provides us with a platform to easily share pre-recorded and live video content.

Videos are also known to be the most shared form of content, meaning your work will reach more people who can enjoy, leave a comment and share to spread it even more. So not only will your followers be exposed to your work, but your follower’s followers will get to see it and hopefully follow up.

Also, when it comes to visual content, the possibilities are endless. You can record live videos and post pre-recorded interviews with experts, do Q/A sessions, fun rapid-fire rounds with celebrities, collaborate with others for promotion, and what not!

While sharing these videos on LinkedIn, don’t forget to tag your collaborators. Let their followers also watch your heavenly content and get inspired.

In Conclusion

LinkedIn is proving itself to be a fantastic platform for content marketing among professionals, as mentioned in the above passages. With a vast number of professional following, it offers excellent, proficient outcomes for your work. Anyone letting go of this opportunity is bringing loss to themselves. And though the platform and its relevant content differ from the conventional forms of marketing strategies, the fruit it can bear can potentially change your marketing game like nowhere else.