A digital marketing proposal is a tool in the form of a detailed document enlisting the services provided by a digital marketing agency and its cost. It is used to convince clients to choose your services over others. It’s the ultimate cupid’s arrow which, when stuck to the right person, will lead to true love or, in this case, loyal client-agency relation and profits for you!

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Since a proposal is the first impression of your agency to a client, it sets up their expectation for you. So your bid must be such that it showcases your encompassed skills and convinces your clients to choose them. Let us discuss the elements of a perfect proposal.

The Perfect Proposal

The best of proposals are those that are brief but focused. No one likes reading huge paragraphs where the primary purpose is not even explained adequately. Such bids get clients confused and are thrown in the trash bin of their Gmail. But we don’t want that do we?

Let’s see how to create an adequately structured proposal then.

How to create a digital marketing proposal 

 Start by doping your proper research. How will you convince them to choose you if you don’t know your customers well and aren’t familiar with the trends?

Hence research on marketing trends relevant to your niche and putting together a suitable strategy to create a winning proposal. You can utilise the SWOT analysis for this, which means knowing and analysing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Include the values you hold dear to express your integrity.  

With morals done, it is time to offer your services with the prices and other details. Be as straightforward as possible. Once you have completed that task goes on and searches the scope of your offered services. Double-check if it is a valuable option for your niche. If yes, then great! If not then time to improvise.

A customizable Structure

A perfect proposal should be handy to the clients; hence customizable ones should work best. This way, you will add ideas, suggestions and recommendations tailored according to each unique client. Therefore it is imperative to be client-centric in such a manner.

Tell them why they should choose you.

The best of proposals start with a friendly and impressive note to appeal to the client. Showcase your skills and let them know why choosing your agency will be the best decision for their business. Tell your specialisation, niche and what makes it special-you can boast about your experience or awards here. Elaborate highlights your best work in the form of good reviews from past clients and the like. This is the chance to showcase your company in a positive light, so make good use of that.

Recognising your client’s problems

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To further optimise your proposal, find your potential clients issues and recognise the ones you can help with. These problems can range from brand management, improvements in design, SEO and conversion rate optimisation etc. According to Hubspot, to give you more ideas for those, clients face a few challenges. You can list these on your template and utilise the relevant ones for each client.

  • Low website conversions
  • Appealing to the right audience
  • Website management
  • Customers not understanding their services.
  • Staying consistent with high-quality content delivery
  • Difficulty measuring marketing result
  • Little to no social media engagement
  • Decreased profits

Identifying solutions

With an industry as fast paced as marketing, each day brings challenges, but we now have many resources to reach new solutions on the counterpart. 

But putting that aside, a proper action plan is the most vital step to overcoming the challenges of the present day. Here is a practical example of that.

  • Identify the problem
  • Present your solutions to the client
  • Set up goals
  • Put forward a roadmap & timeline
  • Analyse & track the outcomes.
  • Report back with timely progress.

Once you have identified your solution, it’s time to present them to the client in the best way possible. Show them the platforms you will be sharing the content with, including famous social media like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram. Your solutions can also involve some informal channels like events or creative media.

An Effective And Realistic Timeline.

When creating a timeline, keep in mind your current business- as well as their current needs. Consider the efforts and the capacity to develop a realistic and practical timeline for their solution. To create a perfect marketing proposal template, form a detailed schedule depending on your client’s answer and keep the solution broad enough to accommodate the purpose. A proper timeline must entail specific parameters within itself, namely. 

Timeframe: Arrange the schedule presented in the order of weeks, months and quarters.

Goals: Express your marketing goals for strategic importance.

Initiatives: Let them know about your efforts on your high-level marketing projects and any other fantastic initiatives, if any.

Activities: What will be the primary marketing activities that you will be performing?

Status: Colour code your current state (e.g. with green, yellow, red etc.)

Whichever tool or platform you use — for example, Monday, Airtable, or Asana —

You will be enabled to check the progress of your endeavour to make sure you are on track.

Since we have discussed ample instructions, let us go on and look at a template to understand its structure better.


This section exists to give your clients a bit of an intro about you and the services your agency offers. You must also include the index of your proposal here.

About us

Utilities this section to give your client a complete overview of your agency, services and the unique features it entails

What we provide

Tell them about your services and how they have the potential to help your clients achieve their goals or solve their problems.

Prices and Packages 

Add an economic section with a pricing table of your services and the unique package that you offer.


This will be the end of the proposal which will have the space for your client’s signatures, showing their trust and promise to work with you. Following this format template, you will be able to structure a proper proposal for your potential clients. Always remember to tailor each proposal for each client. Your clients will feel valued, and such a personalised proposal will be the key to their hearts.


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They say that the first impression is the last. Similarly, you can’t expect potential clients to answer positively if your proposal itself didn’t feel worth their time. Moreover, if the proposal was well structured but failed to provide them with the goal they seek, they again won’t accept it. Hence customised, properly structured proposals are the way to go. Though this requires a lot of effort and another whole lot of patience, these proposals will ultimately set the standards for your agency and services. Indeed they aren’t something to compromise upon. With that being said, we wish you a stroke of good luck on your lookout for clients. Until then!