One of the most effective measures for determining the performance of an email campaign is the click-through rate CTR. This means that the higher your click-through rate, the more likely you are to convert. Nothing can be more heartbreaking than a poor CTR (click-through rate) for an email marketer who has worked tirelessly to create the perfect email campaign, can it?

13 Ways to Boost Your Marketing Email Click-Through Rate

Consider everything that must go perfectly for someone to click on a link in your email. The email had to be delivered to their mailbox (deliverability). The subject line had to pique the subscriber’s curiosity and be related to their interests (that’s opens). Finally, the email itself needs to be compelling enough to entice the recipient to take action (clicks).

What is a Click-Through Rate CTR?

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An email click-through rate CTR is the proportion of email receivers that clicked on a link within your email out of the total number of individuals who got it. When you use a marketing automation tool to send an email, you can track how users interact. Your marketing tool will track how many times a recipient clicks a link in the email.

This click-through rate CTR can be used to determine how effective your email was. Did the receiver wish to find out more or take a certain action on your website? The answer is yes if they clicked. CTR is a sensible technique to compare speed without things like total list size skewing data because it’s a % rather than a whole number. Although there are a plethora of strategies to improve your CTR’s, here are ten ways that you should put into action right away.

1.Email List Segmentation is a necessity

Your Email list’s prospects and customers aren’t seeking the same thing. As a result, you should segment them depending on their demographics and geographic region in order to send them more relevant Emails that correspond to their buyer’s journey. List segmentation allows you to make a more tailored offer, increasing the possibility that your reader will click through. It also prevents you from bothering email recipients with unnecessary requests.

2. Personalise the emails

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The most basic type of Customisation is using the subscriber’s first name in the Email. You should go over and beyond by sending hyper-personalised emails with product recommendations according to the subscriber’s tastes. Furthermore, you can send automated emails that are triggered by subscribers’ behaviour.

Let’s imagine a visitor to your website expressed interest in a specific service. You can send emails promoting a free trial or other perks that the service provides.

3.The Subject line and the Copy should be comparable

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Your email copy should be short and to the point, and it should be aligned with the subject line. Make sure your subject line is intriguing enough to entice the recipient to read the email, and that it was written with mobile users in mind. However, you should avoid using a clickbait subject line solely to increase open rates. This may have an impact on the deliverability of your emails and the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

4. Provide content that is relevant to your audience

This is why you should segment your mailing list! Consider what content they want and use that for your offer now that you know who you’re sending your email to. It’s a no-brainer that if your offer corresponds to your recipient’s needs, you’ll get more redemption clicks.

5. Include Visual Aids

Pictures are more powerful than words. Instead of adding a wall of text in your email to explain your service, why not include an explanation GIF or video? Make your visual element as appealing as possible to attract more subscribers. It would undoubtedly pique the readers’ interest and encourage them to test out your product or service.

6. Concentrate on the CTA

Your CTA button, in addition to your email copy, determines your email’s click-through rate. It should be a direct action verb that tells the reader what to do next. You can also include a text link for the secondary activities you want the subscriber to take. Place it in a strategic location so that it is visible even to mobile users. Consider utilising a fixed CTA that does not move as the email is scrolled. Because fixed CTAs are not supported in desktop or iOS email clients, you can only use them if your primary subscriber base is Android users.

7. Increase the sense of urgency

It’s critical to give customers a cause to open an email. Instilling a sense of urgency in clients is a tried-and-true approach to convince them that clicking immediately is in their best interests. One of the most effective methods to build urgency in your emails is to show that an offer is about to expire. However, don’t create a false sense of urgency by “extending” promotions that aren’t genuinely ending, or your clients may lose faith in your company.

8. Create a Content Test

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Do you recall the click-to-open rate? It’s a metric for determining who clicked a link based just on who opened the email. It’s not the same as a click-through rate, but it can help you determine if a content test is the most effective way to get more clicks. CTOR is a fantastic technique to evaluate what’s in an email because it evaluates people’s reactions who saw the actual email. If your CTOR is low, it’s a hint that your email content may use some attention, and your click-through rate would appreciate it. Create a content test to make content changes that genuinely increase click-through rates.

9. Choose Send time wisely

Do you have any idea when the optimal time is to send an email? To answer that question, there is a plethora of data-driven research that aggregates thousands of data points. If you Google “best time to send emails,” you’ll find a slew of studies claiming to have found the ideal time to send email based on a number of firms that aren’t yours. Your business determines the optimum time to send emails to your audience. Rather than relying on a mass-produced schedule — which is likely when all of your rivals are sending their emails – do scientific experiments within your marketing automation tool to discover the most effective email send for your clients.

10. Emails should be Mobile-friendly

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Even though an increasing number of people read their emails on mobile devices, many email creators (including myself) create emails in desktop mode. Next, consider how much data the recipient will be able to see on their screen at any given time. Because the text lines on a smaller screen are usually shorter, keep your copy brief to avoid a block of text taking up the full phone screen. Excessive calls to action (CTAs) in the same location should be avoided. Consumers rarely need to focus on more than one CTA on a phone screen.


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We hope that your engagement will skyrocket now that you have ten techniques to boost your email click-through rates. A natural by-product will be an increase in conversions. With the correct email marketing infrastructure in place, the strategies we’ve discussed are simple to apply.