In recent news, the world-famous application Twitter has recently announced that its Stories-like, vertical presentation-aligned, disappearing content option is rolling out. This much story like feature, which Twitter claims is not a casual story feature is called ‘Fleets’ Twitter has already released this feature for users in Brazil, Italy, India and South Korea – though as noted, it has been a while since we’ve had an update on the expansion, now the next country they target is for users in Japan.

Twitter Stories

Fleets enables you to utilize and collaborate with Twitter in an entirely different manner, directly at the time. It permits you to share temporary or fleeting contemplations, and following 24 hours, after which they’ll vanish from sight. It lets you and your people share individual in-the-second considerations and views with your audience liberated from public responses. Fleets creators can see who sees their Fleet stories, incorporating accounts with secured Tweets, by clicking into their Fleets and tapping on the Seen By text at the below fleet option.

Twitter Stories
Image source: Variety

Twitter last declared the development of the tool in late June, however with all the extra work going on around the US political decision. It might have set Fleets aside for later for a piece, to guarantee it had every one of its bases shrouded in this regard.

That could imply that Fleets is drawing near to a full launch. If that is important to you is challenging to state, as we won’t know how famous the choice will be till it’s accessible. However, Twitter says that Fleets has seen great reaction up to this point, and it’s in any event, exploring different avenues regarding new devices, as cooperative Fleets, in accordance with client interest.

On the other hand:

A lot of users around the world have critical opinions of the matter, given that it’s a copy of Stories on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Yet, likewise, with the news feeds, Stories have become a typical, ongoing choice which users line up with, so it bodes well for all stages to get included and give devices that oblige client interest.

So Fleets is another Stories option, but it could well be a valuable one – and whether you like it or not, if people use it, it’ll be a success. And if your audience uses it, it could well end up being a success for your business.