Now, like never before, the world is modernizing and moving a bit too fast, it’s crucial to know what’s going on in any place around the world, from a single place. So to help us all out, Twitter has refreshed its previous Explore location settings to a better update. Changing your area currently applies to all of Explore, not only Trends.

To select a new location, tap the icon on Explore.

As part of this update, Twitter has removed the Worldwide Trends view, And now is working on improving Explore, so it shows you more relevant content for the different locations that you pick.

What happened to Twitter’ Moments’?

Twitter is attempting to make it simpler for individuals to discover significant tweets. So now, a new advanced tab called “Investigate” replaces the “moments” tab in the Twitter application.

It is critical to investigate the Explore tab as it is loaded up with numerous highlights. Truth be told, if you don’t study Explore, you may ponder where “Trends,” “moments” and different options have gone on Twitter.

Where to Find the Explore Tab

The Explore tab is found in the bottom menu bar on the Twitter app, where the Moments tab used to be.

Explore All

The Explore All segment shows options to explore. Representations classes in the Explore All section include NFL, News, Sports, Entertainment and Fun.

Classes will presumably change depending on season and area. NFL, the National Football League, presently gets the best position in “Explore All” in the US. Clients from outside the US probably won’t see NFL in their Explore All section.