“Success 20% skills and 80% strategy. You might know how to read, but more importantly, what’s your plan to read”. 

  -Jim Rohn
7 Major Reasons Why Brands Should Shift to D2C now

The success of any task relies upon the strategies laid by the members. In the business world, it is the most critical brick of any organisation. It can either lift it to the skies or bring it to the ground.            

A brief intro about D2Cs

When talking about D2C companies, firstly and foremostly, it is vital to understand them and their requirements. By abbreviation D2Cstands for “direct to consumers.” This means selling and delivering the products directly to the consumers, cutting out all the interactions in the middle. This saves all the fees required with wholesale or other platforms offering sales. With all those additional charges of the scene, you can keep your prices low while keeping up with the quality, much to your customer’s happiness. 

The catch comes with the marketing, though. You see, the stores you could be selling wholesale have the advantage of customer loyalty, brand recognition and convenient locations over you. Convincing buyers to buy from you when they can grab the same stuff from a very trusted shop of theirs is the challenge you have to win to prove your service.                                                                                                                           

 And this is where we come in; to help you shape your strategies to attract maximum customers and give them an experience so valuable that they find themselves again and again at your site.

Some Strategies for D2C Branding

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The essence of D2C branding is in knowing your target audience. The better you understand them, the better you will be able to tailor your service accordingly. Soon the conversion rates will bloom, and you will be making your name in the industry. While you daydream about that glory, take a look at the few tips given below to pave your path there.

1. Customers Reviews and Collaboration.

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Customer psychology says that whenever a confused and hesitant customer scrolls through a product site they like, a former customers reviews or testimonials help them like a friend taking their hand. It increases their chances of conversion and gives them a sense of ease while going through the process.

Another stronger form of this strategy is to collaborate with your former customers and give them the task to spread your word among their circles’. To incentify them, you can set up a small amount for each customer they bring out of your monthly revenue. As you will see, this will work like magic, plus you would be paying your customers, so there is no need to build another team.                                                             

2. Utilize SEO and PPC always to stay nearby.

SEO vs PPC - Search Engine Optimization & Pay Per Click. D2C

Utilize search engine optimization and Pay-per-click ads to always stay at the forefront of your target audience. This will make them familiar with you and might even start remembering you, increasing your chances of striking some potential buyers. Proper research will show you the keywords they utilize when looking for a product you sell, leverage those as headlines and ads to drive their attention. Make sure Ads show a prominent picture of what you offer and how it’s the ultimate solution to the problems your target audience is facing.

Then sit back and revel at the conversions you achieve because things will get real from then on! 

3. Turn your Customers into your very own developers.

What is a better way to know your customer’s tastes than to ask them about it yourself? Not only will this help you tailor a customer-friendly product, but it will drive consumer engagement and appreciation. They will feel valued and inclusive whenever a piece of their opinion is incorporated into a service.

An excellent way to carry this out is to make a suggestions portal on your site, set up an IG suggestion box or do polls on your social media page for the viewers to select from. Since the best of improvements comes from critique, do not ignore the complaints or the unhappy customers, instead, make up for your faults to them through an apology or, if possible, a complimentary service to cheer them up and keep in mind your mistake for next time.                                 

4. Set Up an Interactive and Helpful Chatbot

Humanizing Chatbots by Designing Conversational UIs | by Asad Ali Junaid |  UX Planet. D2C

All the successful B2B companies run a 24/7 active chatbot to aid their customers. From the customer’s perspective, this makes the conversion process much more convenient and desirable. A good chat box allows interaction between a buyer and a seller by using an automated response set up by the seller about any queries.

However, you can bring more personality to it by setting understanding and polite responses to make the experience feel more humane to the customers. Standing out from others will always work to your benefit, remember.                     

5.Being purpose-centric

Word on the market is that consumers generally respect and even prefer brands that push an issue to the front and work towards it. Buying from them instils a sense of purpose and fulfilment to the consumers too. Thus, having a clear and valuable brand purpose can lead to consumer marketing as you will be offering something beyond the product. It will give meaning to their purchase and have them coming back for more and more.

A highly respectable example of this is CALMs (Campaign Against Living Miserably) Project 84, an awareness campaign expressing the need to raise funds for those impacted by the Covid19 isolation. A collection of 84 sculptures were placed over a skyscraper in London to represent the number of people who gave their lives to suicide every week in the UK. 

6. Sustainable Marketing

In today’s world, the word sustainability holds a massive amount of meaning. It’s the knowledge that exists continually. For marketers, it has some long term value and profit. To be more precise, sustainability is the resource that must be grabbed on hard for better business and revenue.

It is the concept where an agency must fulfil the needs of its present audience while keeping in mind the needs of future generations.

Overall make use of services that are generally environmentally friendly and arouse a socially positive response. The increase in environmental issues has us all alarmed. Marketers use that emotion and provide a solution with their service. This helps them in winning customers today and making an impact for tomorrow.

For better performance, marketers must promote the best out of their marketing system and make sure those sustainable marketing principles overrule others. Its effect aligns with the heading above. Consumers feel included in bringing about a change and doing something to stop the decline in climate change and other environmental issues. Your brand gains respect and conversions.

7. Personalized Services to Value Your Consumers.

No matter the product, good customer service is always appreciated by the buyers. Now think of one wholly personalized to their needs and tastes and brimming with attentive interaction. Your customers will get obsessed with your brand. Not only will that become your loyal buyers, but you will spread your word without being asked for it. That means getting loyal buyers, driving high sales from the customers they will bring, plus not paying for any referral. Your business can bloom to the sky just by providing personalized customer service. The question is, what is stopping you then?   

Did you know that BARK even answers their customer emails individually to show value, insight and build strong relations with their consumers? They say that going out of your way to meet your customer’s needs is like winning at the D2C marketing strategy.

In Conclusion.

We have talked about strategies today. You must be brimming with ideas of your own now. Well, captain, it’s time to put those to work and work on your marketing strategies from today to excel at them tomorrow. We wish you the best of luck at those. I hope our article helped.