As we already know, lead generation is essential for any marketer to allow their business to grow. Not only does it lead to brand awareness, but it increases the public’s interest regarding your product or services. These curious eyes, intrigued by your product, will most certainly end up on your checkout page, increasing your sales. Hence lead generation is the ultimate way to make your name in the industry. Condition is to do it well. This means to make use of proper strategies and execute them accordingly such that you build strong relationships with loyal customers. And luckily for you, we have just the tips to achieve that. Take a look at twelve tactics that will help you increase your leads like a boss!

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Strategies That Promise Lead Generation for Your Agency like a Pro!

1. Generate Engagement When Needed

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Suppose you are an owner of a business that generates high-value products or services billed on a monthly allowance. In that case, communicating directly with the potential buyer is an excellent way to develop a new startup. However, if that is not the case and your revenue works on low value yet high sales, it is best not to follow this option.                                                                  To carry out this tactic, reach out to your potential clients through social media, email or even in person if they seem a good fit for your business. Another tactic would be to build an app. Building an app is now the most straightforward approach to increase visitors and, as a result, improve your lead generation strategies. Although it is simple to use, you cannot expect people to download an app simply because you urge them to. You must provide one-of-a-kind services or services that your competitors have yet to consider.  An app that continues to provide enormous value to its users and is always a source of convenience will continue to create more traffic and generate many leads while also caring for its current consumers.

2. Benefiting from Chatbot Conversations

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Generating leads takes up a lot of dedication alongside tons of time and effort. Here is where Chatbot comes in to take some of that burden. And since they are available 24/7 around the clock, they are great for building a good repo among potential clients. You can even set them up to match your personality so that the bot works as an extension of your team. Potential clients will begin by interacting with the bot and will get more information from it. Once it has provided the user with information that intrigues them, they will only be asked to set up a meeting.

3. Optimizing your Webpage 

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Your webpage is the primary source of your revenue. Getting it down would be a tragedy for your business. So go on and invest your all for it. Make it mobile-friendly, get it fixed (in case of any issues), and ensure it doesn’t lag in speed because that is a huge turnoff.

Stay consistent with your website checks and make sure to know your visitors. Finding your visitors will help you in identifying the companies and individuals interested in your product. You can then target them with your marketing. For sales-specific marketing, you need to know which clients or firms have visited your website. This can then be delivered to a salesperson for a carefully planned follow-up interaction to bring in more customers. Finding out which keywords your competitors are already utilising and generating traffic from can be pretty valuable. You can optimise your content by determining which keywords are effective for them. Furthermore, by using related keywords, you can improve your website’s ranking. A fantastic suggestion for efficient lead generating tactics is to use long-tail keywords to organise your online content.

 4. Forming Leads with SEO

Even if your webpage is designed beautifully and is insanely attractive, it would do little benefit to you unless it is visible to your potential customers. Make use of SEO here to make your web page transparent on the first page of Google results.                   

Lead magnets for obtaining leads is another effective way; these are pieces of content like PDF or recorded files that are available for download in exchange for the user’s email address or other contact address. The objective of lead magnets is to allow a chance to persuade a potential client who is not ready to make a purchase.

5. Publish YouTube videos 

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With a million audience, Youtube and Vimeo are excellent platforms to use for promoting your brand. The audience nowadays uses youtube for more than just entertainment purposes. Hence a video introducing your brand or trendy “How to” will be well received and may increase your audience.

6. Create targeted landing pages

How to Create A Landing Page in 2021 [+Tips & Best Tools]

If you’ve ever clicked a link in a marketing email or a social media ad, you’ve almost certainly been transported to a landing page. These are independent web pages designed expressly for a marketing or advertising campaign, and they’re one of the essential tools in any marketer’s toolkit. Unlike conventional web pages, Landing pages have a single goal: to direct visitors to a call-to-action (CTA). Landing pages are powerful lead generation tools because of their focused focus. They have the power to convert total strangers into potential customers interested in your company by using persuasive language and a powerful call-to-action (CTA). Keep in mind that because they constantly target a broad spectrum, which is not a good thing, a general version of a landing page will never do you any good and won’t truly enhance the conversion rate. By offering tailored material to the end-user, you can improve your website’s chances. For example, you might want to show different content to a company’s CEO then you would to an advertising agency. You may produce more leads by identifying and channelling each person’s interests and desires into your content.

7. Running A/B Tests

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A/B testing is a process of comparing any two suitable options.  You can use an A/B test to see which version of your website is generating the most traffic. Statistical analysis is used to evaluate performance. Conversions are increased when forms on websites are made shorter—this aids businesses in increasing conversion rates, resulting in more leads being created.

8. Hosting an Event

When bored by traditional digital marketing strategies, opt for a more personal one and host an event. Your options can be comprehensive here, from webinars, seminars, workshops to meetups and conferences. As long as they stay relevant and capture your target market’s interest and contact info, you are good.

9. Offer Free Trials

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Another way to capture hesitant clients is by offering a free trial and demo services. Make sure these provide only a tiny part of what you offer. Impressed by your service, your potential clients will soon find themselves as your loyal customers.

10. LinkedIn to Generate Leads

How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn | Blog | Whatagraph

It’s a known fact that LinkedIn has an audience with 2x more buying power than that of others. Hence making connections there with relevant business and industry people is a great way to build your name. After all, potential relationships here can turn into eventual customers, and your name could be spread in their circle too.

11. Recommendations of Current Customers

A very traditional yet proven method of spreading your word is to ask your current customers to recommend your services to others by sharing their experience with you. To urge unwilling customers, you can set up an incentive and pay them a certain amount of the revenue you earn from the customers they bring. Consumer referrals are a proven way to generate high leads for any market. It is money-spinning and outsourced.

12. Using Foreign Platform to Succeed at One’s Own.

The least expected trick of all is to use another company’s platform to market yours. A great example for this is to write guest blogs. They are a highly effective forum to generate referral business, backed up by quality content marketing and SEO strategies.

And to talk about its potential benefits, it is a beneficial source for

  • Making meaningful connections in the industry
  • Enhancing your SEO skills by acquiring some industry-relevant and helpful backlinks
  • Generating referral traffic through readers

Find leads for your business by guest blogging for sites appropriate to your niche and never with your competitors or those associated with them. For the best results, make sure your guest blogging site is relevant to your location and services.


-Answer Forum Questions and Occasional FAQs

For a better chance at generating leads, consider answering forum questions. These are a great way to prove your business worthwhile, clearing out any potential questions a customer may have. Consider this quote from ‘Influence at Work’ highlighting the objective of answering on the forum.

 “The key to using the Principle of Reciprocity is to be the first to give and to ensure that what you give is personalized and unexpected.”

Putting their quote into action, finding your business relevant questions, answering uniquely, and concluding by adding a call to action, convincing readers to convert.

In Conclusion

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I hope the above strategies help you in building leads and growing your brand voice. Each company’s successful lead generating strategy is unique. Furthermore, developing a steady supply of new leads does not happen overnight or even in a few days. It is a procedure that entails an inspection to determine which sections require improvement and how to do it successfully. Generating them might be challenging, but it is what you are made for- to shine your business and make your hard work worthwhile. With that said, all the very best for your endeavours. I hope this article helps you.