The advancement in technology and innovations of social media has done wonders in our lives. Gone are the days when people had only the choice of working long hours in an office to earn money for themselves. Nowadays, in this lucrative social media industry, one can create posts that make the customer buy from them, making it a side-hustle or a full-time job.

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But the question arises, what to post online to make customers buy from you? What are the types of social media text content? It may seem simple questions, but the thought process itself can be intimidating to address them.

You may think that visuals and audios are potent means of social media marketing, but you cannot ignore the value of text content. It is the text content that addresses the core value and benefits of the product and solves the customer’s issues. Hence, bringing in more engagement and turning them into loyal customers.

It is the reason no video or picture comes without text content accompanying it. A caption, hashtags, and product descriptions target the needs of the audience and solve their demands. It is crucial to sell your product and monetize your social media by targeting both the search algorithms and the audience.

Types of social media text content:

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There are three types of text content on social media that addresses the audience’s needs and demands.

One type is content writing that intends to educate the audience, bring awareness of your brand, build trust between them, and ultimately engage. It may not directly sell your product or service, but if done enticingly and engagingly, it will create your brand awareness and desire to get your product.

The other type is copywriting, which is written to sell your product by convincing your audience into making a purchase. It is done by converting the features of your brand into the benefits after understanding audiences’ needs.

The third type of text content provides entertainment to the audience. The entertainment content is made to spread positivity and fun. It is the type of content that engages with the audience by sharing fun posts with friends and brings smiles to their faces in their hectic life.

All these types of text content are important and engage with their audiences after addressing their problems and providing solutions, either in the information or products/ services. However, as copywriting is done mainly to sell, let’s discuss it in detail.

Copywriting; content that makes the customer buy from you:

Is your social media page not helping you making sales? Do you want to know my fail-proof secret tips? I happen to know five amazing tips that can skyrocket your business in no time. Hurry up and grab my cheatsheet before it’s too late. Link in the bio.’

It is copyrighting; content that is written to sell by addressing the audience’s needs and converting them into potential customers. It follows a universal formula, i.e. AIDA featuring Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

To convert your audience into loyal customers, you need to know their problems. Targeting their pain points, you try to hook their attention. Then by telling them the solution and building trust, you make them interested enough to desire to get your product or service to solve their problem.

Once it’s achieved, you place a call-to-action which works as a cherry on the top and make them purchase your product or service. This evergreen formula is so perfect that it deals with both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customers) segments flawlessly.

What to Post to Make Customers Buy from You:

As you all know, social media is an ample opportunity to create posts to make customers buy from you. There are many social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. But what to post to make customers buy from you can be a million-dollar question.

To make your social media marketing a hit, you need to do your research on your audience. Every audience has its own needs and problems. Moreover, you also need to know on which social media platform your audience is.

Only if you understand your audience you can target their pain points by targeting the right strategy. The mix of these strategies can target the audience and convert them into loyal customers. Without further ado, let’s get into it:

Text posts:

Your social media is a perfect place to engage with your audience by telling them your brand story, providing them information or advertising your brand. Text posts are universal; as long as there is content, there will be a need for text.

Social media can indeed turn your bland text by making it attractive using different fonts, colours and backgrounds. You can also add links in your texts, making your audience direct to other sites where you may have showcased your work. You also can use hashtags, a clever way to engage more audience by tagging other people or brands.

Photos, videos and Infographics:

Does it happen with you to miss a post while scrolling, but suddenly a picture or video catches your attention, and you go back to it to see it? Well, this is because visuals resonate with you on a whole different level. They are primarily used along with text posts to bring character to the posts. Text can describe the entire story in detail, but adding pictures and videos can be more engaging. Infographics are particularly helpful when understanding challenging ideas.

The platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Youtube are well known for using pictures and videos. Texts are added to it to describe the whole story. Together they make a spicy mix to the post, making it more engaging and exciting.

Create a poll:

You might be thinking about what a poll post has to do with selling. Well, it is precisely the case. A poll is a question asked to understand your audience. It consists of few options for your audience to choose from and an end date to tell them to complete it before the survey is conducted. This way, you will know what their preferences are and will work on your business strategies. It is common on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


The most underrated but impactful content, check-ins, let the user’s network know when he comes to the page. By popping a notification on the user’s feed, it promotes itself among the user’s network. It can result in brand awareness to other people.

Product tagging:

Have you ever liked any product but the process of going to the online store to look for its price and purchasing it seems an overwhelming process? Not anymore; product tagging is a feature often used on items on pictures to let you know about prices and directing you directly to the store to purchase it. It can cause immediate selling of the product, which is beneficial for the brand.


What is better than sharing testimonials or user-generated content? It is the review of people who have used your product. It is natural to be worried about the quality of the product before ordering it. Reading the reviews of real people can be relaxing and brings trust. Hence, it lets the customer buy your product.


To know what miracles your social media posts can do, it is essential to know your audience demands and where they are. It will help you strategize the type of post you want to create to make customers buy from you.