The year 2020 has passed, and we have just stepped into 2021. Because nowadays, many companies and consumers focus on mobility and automation, voice search is expected to be at an all-time high. It has also been observed that many consumers are using voice to search for finding local businesses. Moreover, they are also making queries and buying decisions through voice search.

To improve customers’ experience, small businesses and a lot of small enterprises are using voice as part of their customer service. Seventy-one percent of people have smart devices and claim that they use voice-over more for search than typing.

Just because voice assistants have managed to succeed, more than 93 percent of their users and voice search is picking up steam day by day.

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What is meant by voice search?

Voice search uses voice-enabled commands to search the internet browser, your phone, or any application. It is an approach to advanced technology. It usually involves the use of open domain short keyword queries to fetch any information on the internet. Siri, Alexa, and Google voice search are some voice assistants that carry out voice searches. Voice search is a type of dialogue system that involves rounds of interaction, and you can even clarify the system about your search. It helps you to get more accurate results, and search by voice is an approach in which technology uses an audio recognition system. It understands what the speaker is saying with appropriate precision.

It is the perfect example of voice search programs with text to speech options. we can optimize any device with a voice assistant or dialogue system for voice search, and a voice assistant uses search by voice capabilities.

A brief history of voice search:

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When bell laborites designed the Audrey in 1952, voice search tech or voice recognition tech came into existence. Audrey’s device could understand the small selection of

words in the English language, and it would recognize the digits from 0 to 9 with great accuracy.

After this, IBM developed a large computer enterprise, “The Shoebox,” in 1962.

Through a text to speech conversion approach, this device could understand 16 words of the English language.

In 2002, text to speech and voice recognition became so common that Microsoft even added in products, and this era was the rise of artificial intelligence. It leads to personal voice assistants, and Google launched a voice search app. Later, Apple found a product as a unique voice assistant named Siri.

Why is voice search proliferating?

You are not just the only one noticing that search by voice is multiplying. There are three drivers accountable for its quick success in the future. The first reason is that voice search is 3.7 times faster than typing; the faster you search, the quicker you will have answers.

Secondly, it is an excellent option for portable electronic devices such as tablets and

mobile phones. It is also important to note that 60 percent of mobile users search using voice most of the time.

Thirdly, it is convenient and better than typing on a keyboard, it is a trend, and it is here to stay. It has also affected the rankings of search engines, and they include it in the top 3 digital marketing trends of 2021.

Why is the use of voice search essential?

Let’s have a look at below-market statistics, and these stats will help you realize why everybody is opting for voice search.

  • Voice search will do in the year 2021, about 50 percent of searches.

Therefore, nearly 50 percent of people use search by voice on browsers for searching products online. Over 40 percent of adults use search by voice over for regular

internet queries in the global community.

How does the process of voice search work?

The working of voice search is effortless, and it just reads results from the data in featured snippets pulled out from the articles.

There are many benefits of voice search:

  • Awareness
    • Brand visibility
    • Increased traffic to the website
    • A great click-through rate

It is very significant for business-to-business companies, and once your website makes it to featured snippets, the SEO ranking of your site improves.

The process to handle voice search on:

Turning on voice search is easy, especially if you have an android phone or tablet open the Google app. Later then open the Google App and then click the bottom right and then see more.

Click on it, select Settings, and then voice turn on the voice match so that assistance can access your microphone.

The process to handle voice search off:

If you want to turn off voice search, then navigate your way to settings and the voice. Click on the General tab, and under the option personal, you would find the input and language option. Tap the Google ok detection, then move the slider to the left to turn it off, and you have successfully turned it off for tablet or android mobile.

Web Search vs. Voice Search:

Voice search is entirely different from regular Google web searches, and web search entails typing your question in the search bar. Voice search involves asking questions

verbally by using specific keywords and modern search engines integrated with voice assistants.

Conversational AI means What?

We define conversational Artificial Intelligence as technologies like chatbots or virtual agents which users can talk to and use large volumes of data. It also comprises

machine learning and natural language for processing to help imitate human interactions. Conversational AI recognizes speech and text inputs and translates their meanings across various languages. Applied conversational AI needs both science and art.

 Moreover, a dedicated discipline is followed which should sound natural.

How Do Voice search and conversational AI affect SEO?

Voice search dramatically improves your voice experience. No doubt half of the

Investigations in 2021 are going to be voice-based, and it also delivers convenience. Google and other search engines are now focusing and becoming more SEO optimized due to its high use. SEO has a significant impact on voice search, and the

voice-enabled feature is improving the SEO rankings of your website.

Following are impacts made by voice search to SEO:

  1. There are more language queries now.
  2. More questions are being searched in the search bar of the internet browser.
  3. People nowadays are searching for action searches more.
  4. Ensure that you make your content more voice search-friendly.
  5. Optimize for natural language and target Google featured snippets.
  6. More local searches are being made and optimized for natural language. 7)Target long-tail keywords and use meta-structured data to help search engines understand you better.



Investing in voice search for business has proved to be gold. Voice search is also proven to increase brand awareness. It also increases revenue and gains more customers. Voice search is still on the rise and gaining such popularity.

You will be on top of the competition if you make your website voice optimized.