Conversion rate optimization is a system that helps in the improvement of the percentage of visitors to a website. It assists in converting customers who take any action on a webpage. Conversion rate is the conversion of aka that does what you want your visitors or customers to do on the landing page.

Conversions are of different types. Some of them include:

  • Submission of forms like leaden form, contact us form, and many more.
  • Purchasing product
  • Clicking on call on action to contact the agent
  • Entering email address to subscribe to your website
  • Registration on your site
  • Downloading data like mobile app, software trial, or eBook
  • Upgrading the service
  • Engagement with your site by hitting social media icons
  • Visiting for several times.

There are few steps through which one can get the conversion for the website. It is measurable action that attracts the potential customer towards the website and converts into a regular buyer.

Calculation Of Conversion Rate

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To check the conversion rate for your site, you should calculate it and know how your service is progressing among your audience. In order to calculate the conversion rate you have to apply particular formula. This is dividing the conversions with total visitors and then multiply them by 100.

Types of conversion rates you can measure:

  • One of the facts about conversion is that it is of different types. These few types include overall conversion rate that tells how your website can convert traffic from another source
  • Page-level conversion
  • Marketing level conversion rate
  • Campaign conversion rate
  • The conversion rate for individual ad
  • Conversion rate with keywords.

The ‘Conversion Rate’ Formula

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Conversion rate is an excellent source for evaluation of the performance of your digital marketing. Now the question is, how the conversion rate optimization works? What few steps should you take to improve the conversion of your online marketing? Let us explore the ways to determine how CRO works;

Create Inspiring Landing Page

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If you want to attract audience to your page, you should make your landing page attractive and user-friendly. The main reason to make the web page appealing is page optimization. If you want your audience to reach your site, you should design a convincing page for the users. Moreover, a landing page is a perfect option to do CRO. You should focus on theme, content and images. So the person lands on the page, love its features, and enjoys browsing your site. Thus, they leave after purchasing and entering some positive feedback for your site.

Focus on core areas of the site
A good CRO starts with a specific hypothesis. You should add particular site elements that significantly impact profitability and ultimately on the conversion rate.

  • Headline

Your headline must be motivating. It is common to observe that if the content has a catchy eye headline, users want to scroll down to read and view the rest of the content. According to research, 80% of the audience first read the headline and then read the content or explore the site.

  • The offer must be attractive.

If you offer something inspiring, then your audience will show a positive response. Try to update the description ad layout of your site to see the best results. Moreover, it is good to try different layouts to check the interest of your audience.

  • Don’t Forget To Add Call To Action.

If you want to check your audience’s response or stay connected with your visitors, add the proper CTA. Add descriptive call to action or different button sizes to make it attraction seeking.

  • Media is important

The addition of new pictures or videos can make your website eye-catchy. Few readers do not like straightforward content. Instead, they love to learn about the product or service through images or videos.  These are hypotheses that you can add, that will help you know what your audience likes and will help you give an excellent conversion rate.

A/B Test

The easiest way to start doing CRO is the A/B test. If you have got traffic coming out your ears, you can do some excellent (and complex) multivariate testing, but for most companies, A/B testing is the easiest and most effective way to go.

One best way to know how the CRO works is the use of the A/B test technique. You can apply different multivariate testing methods. To perform this test, you need to set two variants of a page. After which, split your traffic between them, half of the traffic will go to Variant A and the rest to variant B.

CRO Softwares

If you want to get the result of the test, you can use the CRO software. There are various options available to check the CRO then you can use Unbounded optimized, Google optimizes, and visual website Optimizer. These are few types of software that can help you check the CRO by performing A/B testing.

Testing Of Traffic

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To test your website, another way to improve the conversation rate is by testing your traffic. More traffic more will be a conversion for your website. You should use some source not to allow wrong traffic to convert. Try to use the source like Pay per Click campaign. This will not let wrong traffic come, and you will get the audience only you want to have on your website.

First Do Homework

For the success of a website, good research is essential, specially about your target audience. In this way, you will able to bait the attention of your users. You can consider the following things. Check if you advertised the segment, then assess what worked and what did not work for your website. Is this new audience landed on your page, or your previous subscriber again landed on your page? Apply some ideas and then assess which one worked or didnt and then u can determine what should apply again and what not.

To target your audience, it is essential to use intent-based keywords and add content that is ultimately targeting the audience, like defining traits or motivational themes. Once you add these details, you will build the targeting strategy and get the expected conversion rate.

Use The Paid Source

If you do not want that wrong traffic to land on your page, you should use some paid software to only allow the right traffic on your page. Use some budget; spend some money to buy the paid software that will help assess the CRO of your website. Use these two essential things that you should focus on for getting favorable conversion rates for your website. Apply these techniques frequently and see the expected outcomes for your website.

In conclusion;

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In conclusion, we have discussed that conversion rates are a vital marketing metric; they tell you the percentage of the audience visiting your website. So basically it tells u how much the audience responds to your website. You can buy the clicks and help your site to get a positive conversion. And it also helps to maintain conversion rate data and  to improve CRO.

Now you know the methods to increase conversion and how CRO works. If you think that your website is not getting the expected feedback, then adds a call to action, use the latest theme, add video or image content and use the latest theme for the website to inspire your audience.