Instagram is evidence that visuals are the critical component in a successful social media campaign. As of recent charts, Instagram is used by 900 million visitors per month to view and post pictures, approximately twice the 2015 figure. As the app develops new business features, there might be no better time than now to create your Instagram presence. 

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The uniqueness of Instagram for companies is that the website is, by the way, not for a specific brand. As Instagram has evolved over recent years, a straightforward critical issue left many business owners and marketers wondering how they should utilize Instagram for their business growth?

Start taking these measures to establish a profile and proceed to advertise your Instagram business.


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Recently, Instagram has revealed several business instruments that will help companies appreciate and promote their products. You can include additional details about your company on your profile when converting to a business profile. You may, for example, add a phone number, email address, and physical address of your business.

Start with the app, and theApple iOS, Google Play, and Windows app stores enable Instagram for mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Start the application and make an account in two ways:

Option 1: Enter your email or telephone numbers, then enter your username.

Option 2: You can sign in with the exact details and connect the accounts if you have a Facebook account.


Click “Edit your profile” when you go back to your profile page. A photo, a bio, and a link to the website can be found here. Consider changing the picture, name, and username to represent your company if you have moved from a personal account. It is easier for consumers to find you on Instagram with your company logo and business name.

It takes just 2/10 of a second for someone to make an online opinion about your brand. This means that your Instagram profile and bio’s quality is extremely critical to make a first impression. Your description deserves most of your attention, and when they click on your profile, it is probably one of the first things that people see.

A strong Instagram bio must contain:

  • Your brand and what you are doing.  
  • Appeal the target group   
  • Use your identity and brand to link you to your community.


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With so many busy users and pictures on Instagram, standing out could look like a civil war.

Reality check: you do not need to be considered a significant success for millions of followers on Instagram.

Instead of thinking about large numbers, one should approach Instagram to create an open group. Light start. Set up connections. Invest one-on-one for others. Don’t make mistakes: Instagram isn’t a site that’s “if you build a page, customers will start running towards you.” Large and small businesses will build their follow-ups and join niche communities where their audience hangs out.

Instagram’s Hashtags mainly look for related followers and brands. Hashtags This applies to both consumers and companies. The #beauty tag, for example, literally has hundreds of millions of tweets. Instead of dealing with crowded hashtags, smaller niche hashtags, like #unicornhair, #bluehairdontcare, or #coloredhairgoals can be found on a beauty brand. Likewise, location-specific hashtags in your area are ideal to zero in an audience.



A select color palette is used to help some of the most popular Instagram accounts create a distinct style for their images. When it comes to Instagram, try to think of your brand’s colors and visual style. How do you make the content of your Instagram match the aesthetic and advertising colors of your brand?


Consistency and publication pace will help the public learn how to expect fundamental ideas from you and keep a coherent timetable to optimize commitment without updating. Any Instagram plan should specifically define a post-frequency goal that will help you keep track of it. The Instagram API does not yet allow scheduling, which means that posts on Instagram cannot be scheduled directly. We plan Instagram reminders in Buffer to post regularly with Instagram. Instagram buffer works by adding a post via Buffer and getting a reminder when sending it on your phone.


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One of the fastest ways to grow in Instagram key positions is to establish partnerships with influencers in your category, who are already extensively involved. Getting a shout from the right person will provide immediate legitimacy to your blog. Businesses often contact power users due to the importance of a single message. Some impact individuals thus deliver paying screaming, while others offer organic screaming. Another tactic not entirely free is to give the goods or services in free samples. This is a successful strategy when you give meaning rather than simply requesting something. You don’t have to ask for or call out your product any of the time. Influencers would more than indeed share on their own if they attempt your product and dig it out.


In contrast to Facebook, Instagram shows people much better. However, the many Instagram ad styles combined with the robust platform targeting make the ad experiment enticing for brands. From images to stories and beyond, the paid property is what you would find in the feeds of your ideal supporters. Although it is not a must, remember how Instagram continually promotes new business features. By entering the advertisements now, you might be able to stay ahead of the game until their next big thing rolls out for advertisers.


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The newest feature of Instagram Stories is to post photographs and videos which disappear within 24 hours. Similar to Snapchat, the Instagram story’s images and videos are short-lived. It is not visible until 24 hours have passed. Content posted by the report will also not be seen in the Instagram main feed or your profile grid. Instagram Stories allow us, salespeople, to talk about our brands better and more profoundly. Although you can upload as many pictures, gifs, or videos as you like, they can only be accessible for viewing for only 24 hours.

It can only be posted every day on your Instagram feed; stories allow us to go behind the scenes and share more in-house content in real-time.


Competitions and giveaways are a fantastic way for the Instagram community to increase involvement and to grow viewers. Competitions can have many advantages for brands if handled correctly and effectively.

In conclusion:

You must keep your target audience and get quality content regularly if you want steady Instagram growth. Although fragmented social media are suitable for personal accounts, companies need to be more strategic. All the strategies we cover will help you get more followers on Instagram, but they are not boxes you can fill out once. It is vital to stay in line with your plan on social media material.

Planning and scheduling posts take time. And it can be a struggle to manage commitment. With Buffer, you can handle every aspect of your marketing campaign on Instagram on a single platform, from planning to analytics.