One of the most social media platforms of this era Facebook, been consistently trying to connect people with what they love. That implies family, friends, and loved ones yet in addition, it also mitigates the gap between customers and sellers by marketing products, goods, and other businesses. For quite a long time, individuals have utilized applications to purchase and sell things from the beginning of posting a photograph of a bike with the inscription “For Sale,” to selling your footstool on Marketplace and now shopping styles from your preferred brands and recommendations on Instagram. It was the individuals who utilize applications, who imagined social business.

Facebooks aims to provide a place where users experience the delight of online shopping. Also, this helps to develop small businesses, making it easier to search and get the products they want.

If we talk about the current situation, small businesses face many difficulties to reach their customers due to the lockdown imposing on different areas, and with the shopping malls closing, many sellers want to switch their business on online platforms to not disturb their sales. Facebooks aims to strengthen small businesses and empower their brands. For this purpose, Facebook launching Facebook shops, making compatible its application so that customers can buy and shop easily.

What are Facebook Shops

Facebook Shops make it simple for small businesses and set up a separate online store for clients to approach on both Facebook and Instagram. Making a Facebook Shop is free and manageable. This does not depend upon the size and budget of a seller, but anyone can create these shops to sell their products.

On a user end, people will find these shops on an official business Facebook main page or Instagram profile can discover them through ads or stories. From these profiles, you can see all the collections, save your interested products, and place an order.

Facebook Shops

Instagram profile


You can also get support from their customer care officers through Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram direct. After confirming your order, you can also track the delivery.

Support Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram direct

Support Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram direct 2


Likewise, Facebook also putting its resources into highlights over their applications like Instagram Shop, live shopping, and more that will be incorporated with Facebook Shops to assist clients with finding items they’re keen on and make buying simpler.

Instagram Shops: Discover Brands and Products on Instagram

Instagram Shops


This late spring, beginning in the US, presenting the Instagram Shops for customers, another approach to find and purchase items you like in Instagram Explore. You can browse your favorite brands and products filtered by several categories to easily browse and purchase the items you love. Later this year, a new feature will be added that is a shop tab visible on the navigation bar so that in one tap customers can get on Instagram shop.

 More Enhanced Features: Live Shopping

More Enhanced Features

More Enhanced Features


The sellers started to use this feature i.e. live video on Facebook or Instagram application, in which they show their products to customers, give all the related details from clothing brands announce their new collection to beauty and makeup influencers trying on different products. Very soon sellers will be capable of tagging products, to sell before going live. The products will be displayed on the bottom of the video frame so that customers can easily get the details.

Loyalty Programs to Your Facebook Account

Loyalty Programs to Your Facebook Account


Facebook also establishes a feature by which sellers can build, govern, and surface a loyalty program on Facebook Shops, like the points program at a cafe, to your Facebook or Instagram account. Small businesses will earn rewards and you will be given authority to track your rewards and points.

Working with Associates

Facebook also working with other associating partners like ChannelAdvisor, WooCommerce, CedCommerce, Cafe24, BigCommerce, Shopify, Feedonomics, and Tienda Nube to help small businesses and support their sales. These associations offer useful assets to assist small businesses to move on the web.

We assume this solution of Facebook shops can ease a portion of the weight, small businesses are confronting at this moment and help sellers of all sizes to be prepared for future circumstances.