As a human, you can’t easily find out the lines in your content that are being plagiarized. To detect such text and make the content free of plagiarism, we all go for the plagiarism checker.

There are hundreds of online duplication detectors present on the search engine. You can’t tell that which one is performing better unless you use them.

But no one will have enough time to give try to each of them and look for the best one. So, we are here to tell you some of the best tools recommended by the users.

Best online plagiarism checkers

To make it easy for the users, here we are going to talk about the best plagiarism checkers that can detect every single copied line present in the content.

These tools are rated based on the users’ experience. Let’s get into the detail and talk about the features of these amazing plagiarism checkers.

1. (Free)

The plagiarism checker by Prepostseo is one of the most prioritized online tools that users recommend due to its simple interface.

The best thing about this duplication detector is that it provides accurate reports in the end thus making itself more trustworthy and reliable.


·       Upload files directly from the system. It supports multiple file formats i.e., Doc, Docx, PDF, and text.

·       Ensures to keep the data safe of the users. This online tool instantly deletes the content from its database that making it a secure choice for everyone.

·       Make deep analysis before generating the reports. Thus, users can have an accurate result in the end along with the source of plagiarism.

·       Shows a percentage graph that tells the amount of plagiarized content present in the article.

·       Supports multiple languages that lead to making it usable for users all over the world. Some of the languages other than English that this tool supports are Espanol, German, and Turkish.

·       Simple interface that makes it easy-to-use for every user.

·       Download the files after getting the plagiarism report and making the content unique.

·       Allows basic plan for free. To increase the features users can go for premium plans.

·       Allows uploading files present in the Google Drive or OneDrive.

2. (Free)

This is another platform that provides amazing plagiarism checkers offered by SEOmagnifier. Users can get help from this online tool to detect plagiarized content and make it unique for the readers.

This amazing tool is also full of advanced features. Here we are going to discuss some of the best things about this tool and tell the readers why they should choose this plagiarism checker.


·       Supports Google Drive and Dropbox. Thus, makes it easy for the users to upload files directly on the plagiarism checker.

·       Allows uploading files in multiple file formats from the system. The formats that this tool supports are RTF, txt, doc, Docx, and PDF.

·       It allows searching for 1000 words in a single search. To increase the word count, users can go for premium plans.

·       Provides accurate reports after matching the text with thousands of contents on the search engine.

·       Secure to use tool that makes sure to keep the data of users safe.

·       Provides the percentage graph in the end that shows the amount of content that is plagiarized or matching with other sources.

·       The tool is compatible with every platform. Users can use it on mobile, laptops, and tablets. Also, there is no restriction of the browser as it is available on every search engine.

3. (Free)

This is another amazing plagiarism checker offered by PLtext that can help the users to make the content unique and free of plagiarism.

The best thing about this duplication detector is that it allows you to make the plagiarized unique. Users can paste the plagiarized content here and it will change the synonyms to make the text unique.


·       It makes deep analysis and provides an accurate result before generating the reports. This ensures that the results generated by this plagiarism checker are reliable and true.

·       This tool also provides with the source of plagiarism. Users can see the matched lines and remove them to make the content unique.

·       It also highlights the lines that are paraphrased. This amazing feature helps in making text 100% different from the original one.

·       Provides the summary of the report in which it shows the total lines that match with other sources and the total score of the entire content.

·       Also shows a separate percentage graph that tells the amount of plagiarized and unique content.

·       Gives an option to list all the matches at once. Click on the dropdown icon and select the option “list all matches” and it will provide you with all the lines in detail.

·       After getting the plagiarism, users can copy the report and use it in their content.

·       The interface of this online plagiarism checker is very simple. Every user can understand all the features of this top-rated online tool.

4. (Free)

Users can also rely on the plagiarism checker offered by seowagon. This amazing tool provides you with all the features for free.

Users can check for plagiarism in the content even without making the account or registration. Users can avail themselves of all the features for free.

Users need to know about the facts and why they would prefer this online tool for making the content unique. So, let’s talk about its features.


·   Provides accurate results in the end after deep research.

·       Offers all the features for free. No sign-up is required before using this online tool.

·       Highlight the lines that are plagiarized or paraphrased from other sources.

·       Give a percentage graph that tells the users amount of content that is matching with other sources.

·       This online tool is compatible everywhere. Users can get it at any platform or either he is using mobile or laptop.

Paid & FreeFreeFreeFreeFree
In single searches
(Word limit)
Plagiarism report generationYesYesYesYes
Results with sources & percentageYesYesYesYes
Make it uniqueYesYesYesYes
Multiple language supportYesNoNoNo

Final verdict

To make the content fully optimized and get better rankings on the search engine, it is necessary to make the content free of plagiarism.

To detect plagiarized lines in the content, you all need to get help from online duplication detectors.

The tools discussed in this article are best to use as they provide accurate results to the users with source of plagiarism.

If you want a best tool among these bests, then Prepostseo should be your priority as it provides the most precise outcome with a source with which the content is matching.