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The latest developments in creating your own application streaming on many other social media platforms are Facebook and Instagram Live. They are very popular among millions of users, but marketers do not know that we can use them not only for personal but also for their brands. One of the best things companies can do with real-time video streaming is to break the company’s curtain and connect brands with people in a more humane way to engage customers and improve their user experience.

There is an urgent need for interactive and exclusive videos in real time. This is also a new technology to integrate your content into your marketing plan

 Why are we concentrating on Facebook and Instagram?

Since Instagram has been established in June, it has achieved an active user count of 1 billion, so it can exceed the milestone at the elite social networking club. Only two platforms that were proud of this record before: Facebook and YouTube.

 So, do you intend to hire one of the most popular video marketing instruments? Where is the largest user and the biggest impact Big 3! Now, for a small additional reason, focus more on Facebook and Instagram. There are too many things that work in both social networks, so there is advice to find work regardless of what you use every day. 

Why Live Video On Facebook Remains Valuable To Companies And Marketers?

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Facebook’s goal is to allow the site to focus on generating unique material, attracting viewers, and extending video viewing time. Facebook also stated that “this will reduce the dissemination of content from other sources, with minimal or insubstantial added value to non-original or re-used content.”

Because Facebook wants users to stay on the site and consume content, it prioritizes Process, movies that are recorded and appeal to the audience, especially if the viewing time lasts at least 3 minutes. A well-planned Facebook live broadcast is an excellent way to provide long-lasting, refined content that ultimately forces people to use the algorithm.

Live video requires thinking and strategies to act as a catalyst for video marketing to ensure that your TV shows bring value to the audience. This is how to create a real-time video strategy for your business on Facebook.

80% Of Brand Audiences Prefer To Watch A Brand’s Live Video Instead Of Reading A Blog.

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The latest innovations that pioneers have developed on many other social media platforms in their own application streams are Facebook and Instagram Live. They are very popular among millions of users. But marketers do not know that they are used not only for personal but also for their brands.

One of the best things companies can do through real-time video streaming is to lift the curtain of the company, connect brands and consumers in a more humane way, engage customers and improve their user experience.

Tips To Use Facebook and Instagram Live Videos To Grow Business

How To Use Facebook & Instagram Live?

Looking back on 2018, we will always remember this year, because this is the clear beginning of real-time social video. Real-time video has now become a force of modern marketing, and 38% of marketers use it to improve its functions. Following are some tips on how to use live videos:


Live Q&A - YouTube

Interviewing your customers, followers, and potential customers via video streams can help strengthen your relationship with them. Your live video can be as simple as answering questions related to your product or service to help customers better understand your product and improve their experience.

For example, the famous weight loss fitness coach Jeff Cavaliere conducted a question-and-answer session on Facebook. He talked to the audience and responded to the fitness issues they often care about on the spot. His video is 40 minutes long and has 2000+ viewers.

Live Event Coverage:

Brand building means more than just an increase in the number of people who know you. It’s much more than that. Who are you, what are your thoughts, and why should people trust you? One of the best ways to develop a brand is to organize and broadcast live events. Events can help your brand become an industry authority. Check if you are streaming your videos on multiple social media sites to make sure they share your experience with a wider audience.

For example, Disney and Airbnb hosted the premiere of ” The Jungle Book ” – they built a treehouse to host the movie premiere. They televised the red carpet event and interviewed movie actors and fans who were included in the red carpet event via live video.

Broadcast A New Product Launch

Real-time streaming video from product launches is a modern and new way to showcase new services or products. Many companies have learned that it is easier to increase product awareness and ultimately increase sales through live video.

For example, when Nissan launched the new 2016 Maxima in New York, it broadcast live from New York and directly broadcast its first show, establishing connections with national audiences.

Similarly, General Motors is the first automotive industry to adopt Facebook’s real-time capabilities. They showed off their Chevrolet Bolt EV via Facebook Live in 2017. Watched 59K views and over 450 shares in live video

Do A Product Review Live:

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The best way to build and trust your customers is to review and/or test your products in real time. If you schedule a new project submission, your real-time video will have a greater impact. But please make sure that when you publish a video, your product is open to the world.

For example, in a month, the car manufacturer Land Rover wrote a live video of a Facebook test drive. The goal is to show the same performance of their vehicles on various terrains.

Invite People To Take Part in Live Sessions

Collaborate with influencers in the same field who specialize in the subject to provide expert opinions on a topic. Since your influencers come from the same industry, your audience will have different points of view on this topic. Also, your shaker will invite your audience to help you attract more audiences.

However, finding an influencer who is an expert in your area of ​​business and whose audience interests you is not a simple process. Use resources like Grin or Buzzstream to find professional experts.

For example, in collaboration with Christopher Robin Paris and Jen Atkin, Sephora is a crafts and cosmetics company. They made a 30 minute movie about beauty products, makeup, and makeup trends. Over 80,000 people watched the video.


Real-time video can be the best way to communicate, interact, and build relationships with your audience. With the video features on Facebook and Instagram Live, you can connect anytime, anywhere. Through Facebook live streaming, you can show and deliver relevant news to the audience, look behind the scenes, babble, and more. This content provides a lot of value to the audience and allows them to connect with you in a more intimate way.

 Build a community through comments throughout the live stream. As the host of the show, you can yell at the audience, answer questions, offer gifts, etc. With comments, people are more likely to share your information flow and settings when you’re online.