When someone runs a Youtube channel, they give in to a life of endless competition, persistent innovation, and arduous work. Such people need to keep up with the trends and ideas while simultaneously satisfying their target demographic’s content needs. All that work requires tons of effort, which naturally asks for the eventual fruit.

Image source: Sprout Social
Image source: Sprout Social

This fruit serves in the form of audience, spectators, and viewers for the content. Simultaneously, there are many ways to bring traffic to your channel. Having subscribers kind of promises the almost consistent viewership for any channel.

Sounds helpful but comes with its plate of hardships. Luckily for you, we have formulated orderly steps to assist you in gaining subscribers for your youtube channel.

Steps for growing your Youtube channel subscribers

Image source: Search Engine Journal
Image source: Search Engine Journal

Step number 1: Posting quality content.

 Like in every other content media, youtube also requires you to post the best content. After all, for every video title searched, a thousand videos pop up. Why would someone watch yours among that many? And say they do watch yours, what will promise their likelihood? 

The only answer here is high-quality content. If your video content satisfies your viewer’s needs and answers their questions, there is nothing that will stop them from coming back to you.

Now speaking of quality content, its creation encompasses a sum of 4 fundamental ingredients.

1. Qualified pieces of equipment

2. Research and planning

3. Length

4. Engaging Intro & outro

Consider this example. Whenever you search for a particular video, say, ‘How to solve Pythagoras theorem?’, a line of teaching videos will come up. You will choose the shortest and the one with better pixels. Sure, if that one doesn’t solve your sum, you will open others, but the brief one with better quality will always top others in views. This little everyday experience possesses essential tips. To elaborate them consider the following points.

Ingredient number 1: Get good quality equipment.

Do you know why people emphasize the phraseNever judge a book by its cover? It is because people do judge the book by its cover. In this case, the thumbnail of your video, if having suitable pixels and all, will guarantee traffic. The same goes for the rest of your video.

So invest in high-quality pieces of equipment, get a camcorder with excellent magnification, use a well-functioning microphone for clear voiceovers; no one likes poor quality voiceovers where you have to focus on each utterance made by the person.

Most importantly, review your videos and edit out anything that you feel is unnecessary. You can also use different filters and colors to your videos to give them a vibrant look. You can also choose music from your library to make your video more appealing to viewers and all.

Ingredient number 2:  Doing your research to produce relevant content only.

Now, all that glitter is not gold. Your impressive graphics won’t cover your content flaws. Although the excellent presentation is appreciated, you can win hearts by fulfilling palates rich in flavor and quality. Similarly, if you want to gain subscribers, do extensive research on your planned content to remain relevant, strategize your script, use fun and witty dialogues to deliver your ideas, and always aim to show something unique in your videos. It will keep your viewers intrigued and maintain your traffic.

Ingredient number 3: Keeping it short.

 This step almost sounds like a nuisance. Here you are investing in researches, making plans, strategizing, writing down fun points, choosing locations to shoot, and what not to record one video, and then you are told to keep it to the point. It is frustrating, but well, for the best.

Try putting yourself in their shoes. When searching for particular videos, which ones are you more likely to watch? The long ones or the short ones? The majority settles for the latter and finds it convenient.

So make sure your videos have a 5-minute limit and encompass all the critical stuff within. This time limit can also help you understand and prioritize the must-show information among all.

Ingredient number 4: Nailing your Intro

Craft and personalize those initial 30 seconds of your videos to be mesmerizing and fun. While recording them, remember to be yourself and keep it friendly and to the point. Again time limit is a factor to remember here. Use your outro as a prompt for the audience to hit the subscribe button. You can use jokes and questions in these concluding seconds to lure the audience to the comment section to create engagement with viewers. Be sure to reply to their comments and feedback to earn appreciation in the form of a possible subscription.

Step 2: Stay consistent with your uploads.

Alright, so, the channel is made, videos posted, audience engagement achieved. Now what? Here are the steps holding significant importance to subscriber growth.

Once achieving a good number of viewers and subscribers, keep the traffic flowing by posting regularly and staying consistent with the quality and all. Don’t let those subscribers forget about your channel, keep up with your research, and post content relevant to your viewers’ preferences. Sounds like a lot of work, but it fruits well in the long run.

Step number 3: Motivate your viewers to subscribe.

 With your reputation as a regular formed, trust among the audience in the form of engagement has unlocked, it’s time to unleash the biggest lure of all- giveaways and marketing prompts.

Do you know that studies show that less than 50% are actual subscribers of a channel among many watching a video? So chances are your viewers are predominantly random visitors who found your video, and though this fact may sound depressing, it’s beneficial if you use it right.

 And the way to do that is by motivating these viewers to subscribe. You can get this done by setting it as a requirement for giveaways, prompting them again and again, or by creating a call to action on your posts to remind them. It’s better to use every social media for this prompting so that your word spreads far and wide. You can also search up other marketing tactics to get this done or observe other famous Youtuber’s playing their cards. The market does not lack tricks and tactics like these.

Step 4: Using SEO to allow better transparency.

Image source: Vintank
Image source: Vintank

Make use of SEO-based techniques to help spread your content far and wide. This final step will help skyrocket your video viewership and enhance your subscription voraciously.

 First, check your channel visibility. Type out your video’s titles in the YouTube search bars and then observe its transparency on the page. Is it available on the 1st page or not? If not, then observe the ones present on the first page. Observe the keywords and all. Now use similar keywords in your upcoming title and change the former ones to fit the SEO rules.

The use of meta tags in video descriptions makes it more visible to others, as does the use of transcripts and critical keywords. The moral of the story is, ‘Follow SEO.’

Step number 5: Collaborate and Invest.

Image source: Flock Talk
Image source: Flock Talk

Lastly, reach out to other YouTubers and collaborate with them to enhance your audience and invest in youtube advertising to single-handedly increase your subscription base. With your channels display and sponsored ads around, even the community far from your range will get compelled to watch your content which will soon bring them wandering over to your channel.


To sum up, the mass of advice given above makes your channel known for its quality content and active posting. Invest in the creation to benefit your channel, use innovative ways to promote subscriptions, and utilize SEO for guaranteed results.

With that said, don’t get so caught up in the acquisition of subscriptions to lose your channel’s aura. Keep it your way and work in a manner that you enjoy it. After all, the real bringer of success and fulfillment is not fame or money but the essential joy of working.