Before we talk about the removal of rules, let’s go back to history (well, now history) of Facebook Restrictions on Text Content in Facebook Ad Images.

Facebook’s advertisement framework is intended to augment an incentive for individuals and organizations. That is the reason we lead to explore and break down criticism from our locale to see how various ascribes of an advertisement influence the promotion’s presentation. We’ve discovered that pictures with under 20% text perform better. Considering this, Facebook suggested and abided by the rule of keeping your content short, clear and concise to communicate as the need should arise viably.

What is image text?

Image text is any text that exists on your ad image or creative. It doesn’t include text outside of your image, like the body text of your ad.

Below you’ll find an example of image text.

  • Body text
  • Ad image (or video thumbnail)
  • Image text

What changed?

A huge update for Facebook Advertisers. As per reports, Facebook is eliminating its limitations on promotions which remember over 20% content for the whole picture.

As shared by social media expert Matt Navarra, Facebook is contacting advertisers directly to inform them of the update, explaining that:

“…we will no longer penalize ads with higher amounts of image text in auctions and delivery.”

Why did Facebook have the text limit at all?

The rule, as you can see, was pretty straightforward – ads with too much text in their images would not be approved. Throughout the long term, Facebook has consistently noticed that Facebook and Instagram clients detest promotions with an excess of text in principle picture, so it’s confined, such apparently to improve the overall client experience.

Facebook did, nonetheless, change its promotion text management in 2018, which empowered advertisers to remember more content for their advertisements. However, their advertisement reach would be confined, therefore, comparative with the amount you surpassed the breaking point (this is reflected in the picture above).

This new update eliminates any arrival at limitation for this, implying promotions with over 20% content in principle picture will be shown, as ordinary. They will arrive at a similar measure of individuals as some other Facebook advertisement. As should be evident in the official clarification, Facebook still keeps up that promotion pictures with under 20% content perform better, and suggests that advertisers must keep their content short, clear and brief to convey the desired information successfully”.

Yet, if one remembers more content for your promotion picture, your advertisement will run, and could hypothetically contact similarly the same number of individuals as some other mission, contingent upon your strategy.