To understand Call to Action (CTA) in digital marketing, one should acknowledge the importance that digital marketing holds. Digital marketing is a valuable treasure for a business that wants to make an impression and gain customers online. According to 85 percent of marketers, a technique like a search engine optimization (SEO) is beneficial to grow your business. Furthermore, methods like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising increase brand awareness as much as 80 per cent.

Call to action is a marketing strategy, an instruction to the customer to prompt immediate response and boost a quick sale. CTA is directly linked to sales to be efficacious; it should be obvious and immediately show a marketing message through any button, image, text, which now leads to the marketing message.

The primary purpose of CTA is to grab the attention of the leads, piquing their interest, and guide them through the process of signing up eloquently.


Your call to attention plays an essential part to motivate your audience in taking real steps to becoming a customer or client. Having a compelling CTA is like the back of our hands. They help in the overall success of your web site, expanding your customer base, and also helps in increasing the company’s earnings.

CTA’s on the website are like billboards on the highway for you. An attractive, well placed CTA is your company’s online billboard on the website to get users in the game. To not let your visitors leave your web unsatisfied CTA is essential to help them understand what they are getting exactly and what they are supposed to do. The Content on your website gets people to it, but a CTA gets them to do something once they’re on the website. It is an excellent practice to keep a well placed CTA on every page on your website. The placement of CTA’s makes a huge difference. The experts recommend that the most effective places to place CTA are in the middle of the Content and bottom of your page. They also recommend having multiple CTAs on your website on every page.


To make a CTA influential and recognizable, you should make it stand out by using

• Capital Letters

• Bold Text

• Bright/Bold Colours

• Separating the CTA from the rest of the Content on the website.

The placement, colours, and design are essential, but the message in the CTA plays a vital role, it needs to send the right message to guide the customers what to do next. Each CTA on the page needs to have a clear message that what’s going to happen after clicking on the button. You should be honest and clear about it, so you don’t compromise the trust your visitors put on you. This proceeds towards an opportunity to attract customers towards your brand. If they’re interested in engaging with your brand and they’ve read the ad copy they look for a CTA button to learn what to do next. CTA motivates your sales to funnel. CTAs guide the user on what to do next, encouraging them to take immediate action. The more comfortable you make it, the more people will do so. If you don’t have a CTA to engage them with your marketing team or sales department, there won’t be an option for them to leave and find someone else with a defined part. The worst thing you can imagine as a marketer is to turn away a thirsty customer who was searching for exactly what your company has to offer.


One of the best things about CTAs is they have a heartfelt impact on both the existing customers and future customers. Once they engage your CTAs, they desire they start to deserve more of your Content. It helps to hold on to the current customers and keep them updated with what you are up to.

Digital advertising is all about creating hype about your service or product, grabbing the attention of your customers, and encouraging them to make a deal. In digital marketing, the CTA is a missing puzzle that focuses on the power of your ad. There is no time to waste with digital advertising and PPC ads. In terms of competition, if you lose a simple smallest opportunity, you run the risk of your campaign falling in deaf ears, and it can lead your customer to pass over your brand. It is a risk that most companies cannot afford.

It doesn’t matter how good your website looks or how easy it is to operate, visitors will never take the next step if they don’t know how to do it. Whether it’s about telling them to place an order through your online store or call your office, a CTA makes it easy for both the potential and existing customers to jump on the next step.


A CTA has several benefits, from downloading PDFs to buying products, filling out forms, or clicking over to another page. It can be used to encourage visitors to take any step. One of the best things you can do when it comes to CTA is to take advantage of missing out known as FOMO. It is an extremely effective way to gain customers. The best way you can use FOMO in your CTA is to mention discounts and promotions that your company is offering, which won’t last forever. This will make people think that it is an opportunity that they might miss so they will be quick to hop on the bandwagon. For example ’50 % off on your first order’, Sale ends next week’, ‘Shop till the stocks last’. As we discussed earlier, it is like giving rise to the enthusiasm and provoking FOMO (the fear of missing out) to grab some extra attention.

Always start your CTAs with strong command verbs.

  • For example if you’re running an e-commerce website, you should start with verbs like ‘order’, ‘shop’, or ‘buy.
  • If someone requires more information request them like ‘find out how you can do this, sign up or fill a form’.
  • If you want to promote a newsletter, start your CTA with ‘download this PDF file’, ‘subscribe to this’.


Let’s look at a newspaper example. If you’re a marketer promoting your insights and latest tips, you need to be sure that your visitors know how to access that newspaper. If your CTA is something like ‘Latest News available’ You may not get a good response and visitors might not be sure where to click and how to access the newspaper but a call to action such as ‘click to download the newspaper’ is much easier and informative.

Another CTA example is EverNote sign up CTA. The design of the Evernote website simplifies the quick use of the application and how to sign up for it. The green colour of the primary and secondary CTA buttons is also identical to that of the headline and the Evernote logo.


Call to attention is an essential part of digital marketing, but it is just one of the essential components. The Content, designs, ranking factors such as SEO AND PPC work together to give rise to your website’s success and have to get better in business. Whether it’s urgent to use your CTA or to guide your users gently towards the checkout line, you must use it. Ignoring CTA is a beginner mistake that could dramatically reduce your numbers. Let your call to action shine the next time you create site content or ad copy. The results are after that.

Conclusively, the goal of every marketing campaign is to guide their new and existing customers in the buyer’s journey, so they don’t live on the website without making a purchase.

However, every marketer has a different action for their audience to execute because there are many tactics to guide your customers through their journey.