Facebook Ads Training for Beginners & Intermediate

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Section 1 - Step by Step Guide to Create Facebook Page Ad Account and Business Manager

  • How to Create Facebook Page - 5 Simple Steps
  • What is Business Manager
  • Step by Step Guide for Creating Business Manager
  • A Quick Walthtrough of Business Manager
  • What is Business Manager
  • How to create an ad account

Section 2 - Facebook Ads Policies

  • Short Brief about Facebook Ad Policies
  • How Facebook Ad Review Works
  • Complete Policy Guideline in 16 Minutes

Section 3 - Facebook Pixel

  • What is Facebook Pixel & Benefits
  • How to WordPress Pixel - Practical Demonstration
  • How to Activate Facebook Pixel Using Code by … Integration
  • Test Your installed Pixel through Events manager

Section 4 - Boost Post

  • How to Boost a Post
  • Limitations of Facebook Boost Option

Section 5 - Dashboard Walkthrough & Cam…aign Structure

  • A walk trough facebook Dashboard
  • Layers of Facebook Ads
  • Campaign Structure Tree Intro
  • Campaign Dashboard Explanation

Section 6 - Ad Set Structure & Practical

  • Ad Set Structure Intro
  • How to select Audience, Placement & Buuget - Practical

Section 7 - Ads Structure

  • Ads Layer Intro
  • Ads Layer Campaign Creation

Facebook Ads Training for Beginners & Intermediate​​

Learn Facebook Marketing​



  • Lifetime Access
  • 30 Days Money Back
  • Recognized Credentials

Whats Inside The Course

This course will teach you Facebook advertisement from the beginners level to Intermediate level. You will learn how to create a page, ad account & Business manager on Facebook. An in depth knowledge on ad policies & Facebook Boost post will be transferred. You will learn about the importance & installation of Facebook pixel. The three layer structure (Campaign, ad & ad sets) of Facebook ads with theory & practical execution of campaign creation will be learned.

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Faisal has an experience of spending over $1 Million in the past 8 years on different digital Marketing mediums with an objective oriented approach. Experience of working with different industries like; Fast Food, Expensive Handbags, Mobile Phones, Cars, Elearning, News, Apparel, Real estate, Ecommerce, NGO’s & others.

Now transferring years of Digital Media Knowledge to Worldwide students through online training sessions. Mainly focused on Facebook ads training & Viral Content Strategy for digital experts, small & big business owners.