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Learn 8 key Facebook Ads success factors with practical examples to create powerful campaigns. Beginners to Advanced.

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20Days : 05h : 59m : 44s

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20Days : 05h : 59m : 44s

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20Days : 05h : 59m : 44s


I have ten years experience of running & managing Facebook Ads marketing. During these ten years, I have managed & spent over $1.5 Million on ads with target audience all over the Globe. In this course, I will reveal everything which I learned on Facebook ads with practical demonstration of my WINNING Ads strategies. I have trained over 50,000+ students Worldwide & have assisted over 100+ companies in forming their Digital Marketing strategies. In this course, I will demonstrate following WINNING campaigns strategies directly from the ads manager to explain the power & integration of eight Facebook Ads Success factors:
  • I will reveal my $38,000 Winning Campaign Strategy
  • ABO structure analysis of $21,500 & $20,000 campaigns with single ad set strategy
  • CBO structure $47,000 Campaign case study with key success  indicators
  • LLA 1% Purchased Event - $21,000& $16,500 campaign case study
  • Placement selection suggestions with the help of $40,000 Campaign case study
  • $41,000 campaign case study to explain the impact of Ads relevance diagnostic tool on overall results

Section 1: Complete Guide to Facebook Ads in 2021

Section one will cover the basic guide of Facebook Marketing. The course will start off with six reasons why everyone needs to run Facebook Ads. In the second video, I have revealed EIGHT key success factors & have briefly covered each of the factor with examples. The eight success factors are policy compliance, realistic goal, audience identification, budget planning, engaging creatives, measurement & optimization, continuous testing & understanding ads algorithm. The entire course is structured around the eight key success factors. While explaining each layer of Facebook ads, I will be linking every key success factor for better understanding ...

Section 2: Ads Manager Walkthrough & Five Campaign Success Pre Requisites

Section two is divided in to two parts. In the first part, I have shared my $38,000 ever green campaign as an example to set the pace of this course. Ads manager demonstration topic has been covered after the example. In the second part of Section two, I have revealed the FIVE key Facebook Ads Campaign Pre Requisites. Policy compliance, Optimized Facebook Page, Optimized Website, Facebook Tracking Pixel & customer query management are the five pre requisites. Follow these five pre requisites; If you are planning to play a long-term game on Facebook.  No entrepreneur or advertiser likes to flavor the disaster of getting their ads account disabled. This is the core reason why everyone has to follow the five pre requisites before even creating a campaign.

Section 3: Marketing Objective & Sales Funnel

In section three you will learn the importance of selecting the right marketing objective. Like stated above, selecting a realistic goal is the second key Facebook Ads success factor. After following the five pre requisites; the first option that advertiser needs to select for creating a campaign is marketing objective. Imagine running an engagement campaign when your goal is to get website clicks? Marketing objective is integrated with advertiser set KPI's. There are three categories in marketing objective that are awareness, consideration & conversion. Each category has several sub categories. Every option in marketing objective is linked with Facebook Ads Sales Funnel. I have covered the integration of sales funnel & marketing objective with examples.

Section 4: Campaign Structure & Budget

Section four has two parts. After selecting the marketing objective, advertiser have to finalize the campaign structure. The first part of this section will cover how an advertiser can select ABO or CBO campaign structure with examples. Selecting the right structure sets up the tone of a successful campaign. After the campaign structure advertiser has to select the right marketing budget. There are multiple basic and advanced options available in budget section. Give a realistic budget to your campaign in order to exit the ad set learning phase as soon as possible. This is where the eighth Facebook Ads success key of "Understanding the ads Algorithm" comes in to play. The sooner your ad set exits the learning phase; the better the results you can expect. All of this has been covered in section four.

Section 5: Core/Detailed Audience

There are three types of audience options available for running ads. In the fifth section, I have covered the core/detailed targeting option with examples. Core Audience sets the tone of custom audience and Lookalike audience for the new advertiser. Scenario based core targeting selection with examples have been covered. I also have shared a $21,000 campaign case study to explain the significance of Core audience.

Section 6: Custom Audience

In sixth section, custom audience options are covered in detail. These are two sources to create custom audience. First is the advertiser source like website, customer list, offline activity or app. The second is Facebook source like Instagram page, Facebook Page, Video, Events, Shopping & instant experience. All these sources are utilized to create audiences who have already connected with the brand. I have covered how an advertiser can create a meaningful custom audience for running remarketing ads.

Section 7: Lookalike Audience (LLA)

Advertisers can reach to fresh prospects by creating Lookalike audience (LLA). In this section, I have covered the best practices for building a meaningful LLA audience. The power of LLA is explained with $16,500 & $21,000 campaign case studies. Different scenarios for creating a meaningful LLA audience is also covered in this section along with examples.

Section 8: Ads Placement

After selecting right marketing objective, right structure, right marketing budget & right audience, advertisers moves to placement selection. The selection can be done on manual or automatic placement options. This is where an advertiser decides on which placement & platform they want to showcase their ads. I have shared a $40,000 campaign case study to explain the impact of placement selection.

Section 9: How to create & Spot Winner Ads

You will move to the third layer of Facebook Ads after selecting the right placement. This layer is considered as the most important aspect of Facebook Ads success. There are a lot of formats and ad options available for the advertisers to create an effective ad. The key four elements of ads are covered with examples. I have connected ads with the ad relevance diagnostic tool to make everyone understand the power & significance of ranking system. A $40,000 campaign case study is covered to explain WINNING ads methodology. I have also covered how Winning ad can be utilized to achieve consistent results through Facebook Ads.

Section 10: Test, Measure, Optimize & Repeat

In order to be successful on Facebook Ads; the process of measurement & optimization starts as soon as the campaign is initiated. Without continuous test, measurement & optimization; success cannot be achieved. I have covered the measurement & optimization topic with the help of an example. No creative or audience will work forever & advertiser has to face creative or audience saturation. In order to avoid saturation, I have covered the testing methodology for achieving consistent results. After completing this course you will be in a position to create an effective Facebook Ads strategy. You will also learn the integration of all eight success factors. Feel free to contact me incase of any query or assistance. Happy Learning. Enjoy the course.

Lectures & Duration

Course Content

Expend all sections

  • Course Curriculum Guide & Learning Structure
  • Introduction of Facebook Beginners Guide
  • Six reasons why everyone should run Ads on Facebook?
  • The eight Key Facebook Ads Success indicators explained in 11 Minutes
  • Understand the Ads Algorithm (Ads Relevance Diagnostic Tool + Facebook Pixel)
  • Understand Ads Algorithm ( Facebook Bid Strategies & impact of Feedback)
  • Understand Ads Algorithm – ABO vs CBO
  • Understand Ads Algorithm – What is Facebook Ads Sales Funnel?
  • Facebook Campaign Structure & Ads Manager Dashboard Walkthrough
  • Revealing the FIVE key Pre Requisites of a Successful Campaign
  • Prerequisite 1 – Policy Compliance
  • Prerequisite 2 – Optimized Facebook Page
  • Prerequisite 3 – Optimized Website
  • Prerequisite 4 – Tracking Pixel
  • Prerequisite 5 – Customer Query Management
  • Marketing Objective Intro, Recall & Learning Outcomes
  • How to Integrate Marketing Objective with Facebook Ads Sales Funnel – Example
  • Scenario based marketing objective session
  • Campaign Structure Intro
  • ABO Campaign Structure with Illustration & Examples
  • CBO Campaign Structure with Illustration & Examples
  • ABO structure analysis of $21500 & $20000 campaign with single ad set strategy
  • CBO structure $47,000 Campaign case study with success key indicators
  • ABO Campaign Analysis with multiple ad sets structure
  • Budget & Schedule (Options with Importance)
  • Audience Section Intro
  • Core Audience – Example 1
  • Core Audience – $21,000 Campaign Case Study
  • Core Audience – Example 2
  • Core Audience – Example 3
  • Core Audience – Campaign Structuring Options
  • Custom Audience Overview
  • Audience integration with Facebook Ads Sales Funnel
  • Exploring the options of Custom Audience
  • How to create Website Custom Audience – Multiple Scenarios
  • How to create a Customer List Custom Audience & its benefits
  • How to create APP activity & Offline Events – Custom Audiences
  • How to create Custom Audiences from FACEBOOK sources
  • Lookalike Audience (LLA) – Intro & Learning Outcomes
  • A detailed overview of how LLA Audience can be generated from custom audience
  • How to create multiple LLA’s from one source – Practical Execution
  • LLA 1% Purchased Event – $21,000& $16,500 Case studies
  • How I use different custom audience to create LLA audience
  • A walkthrough of Placement Options
  • How to structure campaigns on Placement Level
  • Placement Selection Suggestions with help of $40,000 Campaign case study
  • Ads Section Intro
  • What are the Four Key Elements of Ads
  • Ads Design, Text, Technical Requirements & Suggestions
  • A practical demonstration of third layers of Facebook Ads
  • How spying competitor ads can save time effort and dollars
  • Impact of Facebook Ads Relevance Indicators on overall ads performance
  • $41,000 campaign case study to explain the impact of Ads relevance diagnostic
  • How to get consistent results after identifying winning ad(s)
  • Bonus Video – Dynamic Creative (Theory + Example)
  • How to measure & Optimize campaign data from Ads manager
  • Continuous Testing Intro
  • Budget Distribution Strategy for Testing
  • How to do ad sets, creative & new feature testing
  • How to use winning ad sets for consistent results?
  • How to use creatives in winning ad sets to get consistent results?
  • How to use creatives to identify new ad set for consistent results?
  • Course Summary & Ending Notes

10 sections • 66 lectures • 8h 2m total length

20Days : 05h : 59m : 44s

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Faisal Ahmed Siddiqui

Digital Marketing Trainer – Facebook Ads Pro – Entrepreneur

Experienced Entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the field of Digital Marketing & Advertising. Worked with over 50+ Multinationals, Brands, Companies & Business Partners with a common goal i.e “WINNING”.


Faisal has an experience of spending over $1.5 Million in the past 9 years on different digital Marketing mediums with an objective oriented approach. Experience of working with different industries like; Fast Food, Expensive Handbags, Mobile Phones, Cars, Elearning, News, Apparel, Real estate, Ecommerce, NGO’s & others.


From 2018 transferring years of Digital Media Knowledge to Worldwide students through online training sessions. Mainly focused on Facebook ads training & Viral Content Strategy for digital experts, small & big business owners.