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In This Training

You will learn the following from scratch:

  1. Candlestick trading (All major candle stick patterns)
  2. Price Action Analysis Strategy
  3. Chart Pattern Analysis to identify market moves
  4. Break out & break down strategies for best trade set-ups
  5. Major Technical Indicators & strategies
  6. Position Size & Risk Management
  7. Trading Psychology & Emotion management & much more
In order to make your learning easy, all the relevant learning material has been attached with the lectures.
This will help you in mastering the technical analysis from scratch.

Looking to see you on the student panel:)

The Cryptocurrency


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Topics we Covered

Stick Patterns

Action Analysis





Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to analyse, Stocks , Cryptocurrencies , Forex , Commodities , Index , Options
  • Learn how to manage portfolio with proper risk to reward ration (Risk Management)
  • Learn how to avoid basic mistakes as a newbie
  • Master trading psychology: Learn how to manage emotions & be rational while taking trade
  • Learn how to analyse different candlestick patterns
  • Master the art of simple price action analysis
  • Learn chart formation & master the art of creating good trade setups
  • Learn how to become a disciplined & pro trader
  • Learn how to make a new passive source of inflow

Offer Curriculum

Candlestick Patterns are a technical tool that packs data for multiple time frames into single price bars. This makes them more useful than traditional​.


  • Bullish Candle Stick
  • Bearish Candle Stick
  • Spinning Top Candle Stick
  • Bullish Spinning Top
  • Marabuzu Candle Stick
  • Hammer Candle Stick
  • Hanng man Candle Stick
  • Inverted Hammer Candle Stick
  • Shooting Star Candle Stick
  • Bullish Engulfing Candle Stick
  • Bearish Engulfing Candle Stick
  • Three White Shoulders Candle Stick
  • Three Black Crows Candle Stick
  • Morning Start Candle Stick
  • Evening Star Candlestick
  • Bullish Harami Candlestick
  • Bearish harami Candle Stick

Price action analysis is the use of the natural or “raw” price movement of a market to analyze and trade it


  • Price Action Analysis
  • Support & Resistance
  • Trendlines & STrategies

A chart pattern is a shape within a price chart that helps to suggest what prices might do next, based on what they have done in the past.

  • Symmetrical Triangle
  • Ascending Triangle
  • Descending Triangle
  • Double Bottom
  • Double Top
  • Falling Wedge
  • Rising Wedge
  • Bull Flag
  • Bear Flag
  • Head & Shoulders
  • Inverse Head & Shoulders
  • Cup & Handle

Trading psychology is the emotional component of an investor’s decision-making process which may help explain why some decisions appear more rational than others


  • How to manage your emotions while trade

Position size calculation


  • Risk Management
  • Risk management & its importance
  • Position size calculation

Many investors and active traders use technical trading indicators to help identify high-probability trade entry and exit points. Hundreds of indicators are available on most trading platforms

  • Busllish Divergence
  • Hidden Bullish Divergence
  • Bearish Divergence
  • Hidden Bearish Divergence

Who Should Enroll to This Training?

  • Anyone who wants to master technical analysis in-depth
  • Anyone who wants to trade in a financial market with a professional mindset
  • Anyone who wants to minimize risk & maximize gains
  • Anyone who wants to learn the core & major concepts of technical analysis

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0Days : 11h : 56m : 28s

Legal Disclaimer: The information given in this course is for educational purposes only. We will not be responsible for any kind of Loss to anyone in any way, due to this course.