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0Days : 11h : 56m : 28s

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0Days : 11h : 56m : 28s

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Science of Digital Marketing

Course 1

A Complete Facebook Ads Guide

Course 2

Comprehensive guide on Ads tool with guidelines

Course 3

Key Guide on Marketing Objectives & winning Audience

Course 4

Learn the best Practices of Selecting winning core audience

Course 5

Explore the Power of Lookalike Audience With Case Study

Course 6

Learn how to select the right placement for ads on different marketing

Course 7

Become a Master of Spotting winning ads for your campaigns

Course 8

Learn the art of Pixel & ads Policies

Course 9

Become a Adwords Expert

Course 10

A key & Introductory Ads course

Course 11

Become the Master of Analytics

Course 12

Social Media Marketing - Complete Course

Course 13

Step-by-Step Guide to Retargeting

Course 14

Learn the beginners art of Twitter Marketing

Course 15

A Practical Guide on how to Trend on Twitter

Course 16

Rank High on Google and YouTube SEO

Course 17

Top secrets of LinkedIn Marketing

Course 18

Types of Hands-on, Expert Marketing Strategies

Course 19

Search Engine Optimization – A Beginners Guide

Course 20

The Ultimate On-Page SEO Guide

Course 21

Become the Keyword Research Whizz

Course 22

The Browbeat SEO Fundamentals

Course 23

Digital Marketing Success Fact

Course 24

Acquire Social Media Expertise and Master the Magic of Online Marketing

Course 25

The Importance of a Website in Digital Marketing

Course 26

Learn Professional Blogging: A Step by Step Guide

Course 27

Master in Online Reputation Management: Business and Personal Brand

Course 28

Become an Expert in the Affiliate Marketing Niche

Course 29

Become an Entrepreneur and Abandon 9 to 5 Mindset

Course 30

Buy an Economical Domain for Your Company Like a Boss

Course 31

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Special Offer

0Days : 11h : 56m : 28s

Digital Marketing Introductory Courses


Science of Digital Marketing


The top advantages of digital marketing is that a focused crowd can be reached in a savvy and measurable manner. Other digital marketing points of interest incorporate expanding brand reliability and driving on the web deals. Digital platforms are increasingly getting associated with marketing schemes and everyday life, more efficiently than traditional ways, by opting this course of its science and functions, one will be able to understand the complex world of digital marketing, and to practically use it for their own benefit.


Digital Marketing Success Facts


Digital marketing if put in one word is simply ‘Power’. It is the power to cover the mass with just a few clicks and strategy. It is a career path and marketing procedure which ensures success if done properly. While making a marketing strategy you may wind up inquiring as to why digital marketing over another more customary type of promotion techniques? What are the pros? Are there any cons? Is it worth the cash? Is it hard? Is it quick? Will it even work? If you are simply beginning and advertising isn’t right up your alley, at that point our course will help you realize why Digital Marketing can assist you with building a beneficial business.


Facebook Marketing Courses


The beginners Guide Course for Newbies


While making a marketing strategy you may wind up inquiring as to why digital marketing over another more customary type of promotion techniques? What are the pros? Are there any cons? Is it worth the cash? Is it hard? Is it quick? Will it even work? If you are simply beginning and advertising isn’t right up your alley, at that point our course will help you realize why Digital Marketing can assist you with building a beneficial business.

Winning Guide on Selecting the Right Target Audience


The meaning of audience targeting is actually what you’d least expect: It’s the act of utilizing information to segment consumers by demographics or interests so as to locate the sacred goal, that is the correct individual on the correct device at the correct time. Our course on Selection and Right target Audience will help you determine who could be a potential audience to experiment on and who isn’t.


A comprehensive course on selecting the best core audience


Audience targeting is a practical task which implements logic and perspective, you’re more likely to reach consumers interested in your products or services with relevant messaging. The best thing about this skill is that it decreases the odds you’ll waste and spend on uninterested eyeballs and help move potential customers down the proverbial funnel. It also helps you to realise and set growth or reach potentials to specific age groups.

Learn the art of selecting wining core & Lookalike audience


Lookalike audiences are an advanced targeting alternative that goes past the basic interest and demographic targeting functionality. At the centre of all copy audiences is a source audience whereupon you assemble a carbon copy audience. Facebook takes the entirety of the information purposes of your source audience and finds new, comparable individuals utilizing a set rate test (which you determine) of the populace in your picked nation.


Learn how to select the right placement for ads on different marketing objectives


Know the right ad for the right time too at the right place. Learn complete Master’s in Digital Marketing in one comprehensive Bundle offer. Which will teach you predictability based on experience, this course will not only help you market but will also make you aware of how the digital world works.

Become of Master of Spotting winning ads for your campaigns


A course which teaches you how to ace the Ad game? Seems unreal but it isn’t. Before we know anything more we must first understand what exactly makes some of the best ads of all time? Well, An incredible advertisement is announced in light of the effect they had on the development of the brand, and on the grounds that they figure out how to hit on some generally accepted fact that permits us to recollect these campaigns a long time after they initially started. Indeed, a few of us probably won’t have even been alive when these battles originally disclosed. 


Learn the importance of Pixel & ad policies objectives


How easy has technology made our business lives? Where we can monitor literally anything related to our business by a simple few clicks. Now in this course, we will teach you about the world Pixel & ad policies. Which is basically the analysis of when somebody visits your site and makes a move (for instance, purchasing something), the Facebook pixel is alerted which reports this activity. Thus, you’ll know when a client made a move in the wake of seeing your Facebook promotion. You’ll likewise have the option to reach this client again by utilizing a Custom Audience. At the point when an ever-increasing number of transformations occur on your site, Facebook shows signs of improvement at conveying your advertisements to individuals who are bound to take certain activities. This is called transformation improvement.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Courses


The beginners guide on Search Engine Optimization


SEO (search engine optimization) is the advanced way to market and publish your product, in less time, yet more efficiently. It is the operation of adjusting your website to the algorithm of search engines, through which customers will find it easy to look for you. SEO refers to the process of using qualities or features of your product in your website’s content that help potential customers find you. SEO is basically a smart process that works from the root to impart better engagement with less effort. It tends to be the most cost-effective way to manipulate website traffic, connect and engage with customers, and to boost search engine rankings over competitors. SEO basically acts as a connector between the seller and the purchaser, it is an efficient system where a business can be viewed by online searchers through an appeal to search engines. A skill soo beneficial for not your business that you might not be able to survive the market without it. So what’s the wait take this course and amplify your optimization. 


On-Page SEO


This course teaches the variations of SEO and the types it may branch out, one of its branches is On-page SEO, which is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. On-page refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized, as opposed to off-page SEO which refers to links and other external signals. After the SEO course, this should be your next target!

Google Marketing Courses


A key & Introductory Google Ads course


Google is the heart of all online networks, it directs us to all the sites we look for and helps us to Advertise. It links us to all where people search for what to do, where to go and what to buy. Your ad can appear on Google at the very moment someone is looking for products or services like yours. But to help yourself in this process you must learn how to activate and axcel it, take your course now and begin the process!


Become the master of using Google Analytics


Be a master of Google Analytics, which is the helping hand that gives you the free tools you need to analyze data for your business in one place, so you can make smarter decisions. 

  • Comprehend your site and application users to more readily check the exhibition of your promotion, substance, items, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Get experiences no one but Google can give and access Google’s novel bits of knowledge and AI capacities to take advantage of your information.
  • Investigation works with Google’s publicizing and distributor items, so you can utilize your experiences to convey business results

Twitter Marketing Courses


A basic guide to Twitter Marketing


Twitter is a social world and not just a platform, Whether pop-culture, local or global news, work, or the brands we use and wear, Twitter is a powerful social networking tool and search engine in which can typically find the latest information about virtually any topic. This also includes updates from the companies and businesses we care about. Market in this social world today and learn the aspects of success in minimum days!


Learn the Formula of creating Trends on Twitter


Whether good or bad or maybe even accidental trends are trends! And in the social media world that we live in today, twitter trends make and break brands and people. Learn how to bend these trends for your benefits today!

How to run ads on Twitter & its impact on Digital Marketing Strategy


The idea of reaching countless leads through a free online media stage sounds charming, isn’t that so? However, how would you really guarantee you’re producing an incredible substance that individuals will need to collaborate with?

In this course, we’ll answer your questions and concerns along with some other teachings including what a Twitter marketing strategy is, how you can use Twitter for your business, and what tips and tricks you can implement to help you improve your marketing efforts on the platform.


High Demand Courses


Learn the magic of Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is an amazing route for organizations of all sizes to arrive at possibilities and clients. Your clients are as of now interfacing with brands through social media, and in case you’re not talking directly to your crowd through social stages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, you’re passing up a major opportunity! Extraordinary marketing on social media can carry striking accomplishment to your business, making committed brand advocates and in any event, driving leads and deals.

The Importance of Website in Digital Marketing


Your website is your digital representation, be wise with what you select, represent you or your product. This course will help out students to know what type of site they need in order to flourish well with their respective theme.


Senior Trainer

Faisal Ahmed Siddiqui

About Instructor.

Experienced Entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the field of Digital Marketing & Advertising. Worked with over 50+ Multinationals, Brands, Companies & Business Partners with a common goal i.e “WINNING”.
Faisal has an experience of spending over $1 Million in the past 8 years on different digital Marketing mediums with an objective oriented approach. Experience of working with different industries like; Fast Food, Expensive Handbags, Mobile Phones, Cars, Elearning, News, Apparel, Real estate, Ecommerce, NGO’s & others.
Now transferring years of Digital Media Knowledge to Worldwide students through online training sessions. Mainly focused on Facebook ads training & Viral Content Strategy for digital experts, small & big business owners.